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I visited a a perfect little flat to rent in a short term while I buy a house. A ‘friend’ who had been sheltering me during Lockdown was quite happy to write a cheque to send me on my way, but has gone very quiet when I explain to him, money isn’t everything. The letting agent wants, perfectly reasonably and anticipated by me, a letter to say I have been staying at his house for the last 5 months, and a guarantor. i took all the paperwork and proof of some allocations I receive to the appointment. They refused me and directed me to the homeless charities, which turn out to be closed until September. The only other person I could think of to ask to be guarantor , is my son with my grandchildren, but I don’t like to ask as he has been hateful towards me, which is why I left last March
What should I do ?

It’s unclear in which country (UK or France) you are wanting the short term rental. Perhaps you could offer to pay 6 months rent in advance? This should give you time to purchase a house etc.

Sorry but I really don’t think a forum like this is the place to sort your problems out


Look at Airbnb places for a room in someone’s house?

The law in France gives quite a bit of tenant protection so landlords are cautious as they can have difficulty getting people out. And being a guarantor is taken seriously. But a lodger is a different proposition as not a protected tenancy.


Hello Joyce, Sorry to confuse you but I thought I was clear enough as to which country I was referring to, as I posted my query on a forum called’ Survive FRANCE ’ .
The agency said I don’t have enough money to pay electricity bills and frais d’agence on top. They could see the money I have in French accounts is ample.

Really Veronica this is not the place you need


Thank you Jane

Thank you Jane.

you could try your Mairie and ask for an appointment with the Assistant Sociale…

they might be able to help you.


Actually… our discussions do cover several countries across the world… and it is not always an easy thing to keep up with … :wink: :upside_down_face: :relaxed: :relaxed:


Thank you Stella, it is on my to-do list of jobs .

You don’t have to participate if it offends you.

Not offended Norman Concerned like the 7 people who liked my post

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I’m sorry Norman, I don’t understand


Veronica… Norman was replying to someone else… :wink:

have a good weekend… :relaxed:

My comment was addressed to that of Eddie - ot at least that was my intention.

Might be a better expression of your address it to the person you’re concerned about by Private Message rather than In public Eddie. That’s what I did, not that it made much difference. It seems that Veronica likes to cast a wide net… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok, I wondered if I had overstepped the mark, the humidity is getting to me, my thoughts aren’t always calm and considered. I didn’t realise Survive France is for other countries… have I missed a clue ?
There are however, reliable , calm and considered users of this forum that offer positive answers. I would like to convey my gratitude.
best wishes

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Well, I will say the same thing to those 7 people? I it bothers you then don’t participate in reading about someone else seeking advice.

My word we do have sensitive souls here don’t we?

As far as I am concerned the only censorship I accept here is from either Catharine or James - it is their site.

I saw no censorship

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