Vitamins / supplements?

I remember someone recommending a good German online seller but can’t remember where or when!?? I’m after magnesium and vit D.

Thanks in advance.

I take both of these. Magnesium for wandering legs and vitamin D to boost immune system.
I get them from Healthspan.
We also use glucosamine and chondroitin in their Joint Physio Glucosomine Plus.
We take turmeric too to help with inflammation.
This is what happens when you get older.


Weird, thier website doesn’t work at all! I get a quick flash of content then a white page! Hubby has ordered from Bulk (was Bulk Powders) again this time but I can’t swallow the magnesium - they are like horse tablets and uncoated :rofl:

There is usually a discount code floating about.

I use this for my vitamin D:

400 tablets, each 4000 iu

Pestle and mortar?

I get them from there as well.

Sorry I refuse to use Amazon so looking for other options.

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Blood tests are a good idea to check levels in the blood with 4000iu - especially in the summer. Hypercalcaemia isn’t good. Of course you may not be taking one every day.

I’ve been using this site for everything for years - excellent prices and product range including Ponds Cold Cream which is the only thing I can use on my face!

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Could you get your magenesium from nuts?

Don’t know why you got the German and not the French or Uk version but hey ho…!

And dark chocolate!

I have vit D prescribed, colcifercacifeorl. which are drops and absorbed much better than tablets. If you think you are deficient might be worth asking GP to be tested and then get dose right.

Everything else I try to get from food (any excuse for gluttony)

The vit D is for hubby - he has fybro myalgia so is always low.

My mag is often very low and I get cramps and very cranky when I’m not on it. I’m sure I’d have to eat a ton of nuts a day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Does hubby try anything special to help with his condition ie acupuncture etc ?

My other half has big problems and takes loads of pills to deal with the symptoms.

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Seeds are also good.
I sometimes have night cramps and also during hot days if I have overly exerted myself. A quick, almost instant fix, is a glass of tonic water (gin optional :wink:)

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Is quinine in tonic water the element that 's good for cramps then @Fran24 ? or, could it be the juniper in the gin…she asked hopefully :slight_smile:

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Quinine for me :rofl:

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I take vitamin B every day :beer:

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We are starting to look more into traditional medicines western medicine has little to offer tbh other than pain and stress management. Whether I can convince him being jabbed is a good idea is another matter! I went to a wonderful acupuncturist in Castelnaudary when we live in the Aude (she was also a MT so all on secu!) when preggers with my 2nd and attribute her work to my fabulous labour!