Voting in the Municipal elections

I have already been approached by a prospective candidate for the Maire of the village in which I live and as I would normally vote for the ‘other person’ I am thinking I may have a way out without telling a lie.

I think our rights to vote in the Municipal as well as the European elections will be terminated on 31st January 2020. Can someone please confirm this or tell me otherwise.

If the WA is signed there will be a transition period, and I thought that meant a status quo until the end of that period. Which would mean no change. Could be wrong.
But as usual there is no certainty.

That makes me wonder - should I have registered to vote again? Is deadline Tuesday?

Do you have to keep reregistering? I never do but a voting card keeps landing in my postbox each year.

If you have registered once, you should still be on the List if your circumstances have not changed… :hugs:

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I’m told my name has been added to the electoral list, but I’ve never had a voting card. I only know I’m on the list because I get an invitation to the Old People’s Meal, and if you aren’t you don’t get invited.:slightly_frowning_face:

In recent years, our Commune relaxed their own rules on who could and could not get the free meal or Christmas Parcel of goodies…

They realised that there were a few very-elderly folk (90+) in their commune who were not on the Electoral Roll. These were Gran and/or Grandad who came over to live with their family… often speaking little or no French but polite and appreciative of French Life…

The Mairie decided not to pressure these folk into joining the Electoral Roll if they did not wish to.

So nowadays… “everyone aged 70 or more” is invited to choose - either a free meal or a free parcel…
The meal is fabulous and goes on for about 5 hours… the parcel is full of locally produced tasty goodies… and often folk opt for both… paying the 30€ to do so…


It’s worth going on the list if only to get the grub and the booze IMO! The cotisation here is €5 :hugs::+1::fr:

Cotisation for what… going on the list??? or getting the meal ??? :upside_down_face:

The Meal and the Parcel are costed at 30€ each. An oldie can choose one or the other for FREE … or choose both and pay 30€.

Lots of younger folk come to the meal and pay their 30€ willingly, it is such a fun time.

However, the younger folk cannot order a parcel… Age does have some benefits :hugs:

I think you may be thinking of the membership of your foyer rural! It doesn’t cost anything to be on the electoral list. And if you’ve never had a card then perhaps you are not on it? Have you ever voted here?

Thanks Anna for answering my post. You seem to be of the same opinion as myself but I am still not sure.

The rest of the thread seems to have wandered off to other places but you and I are no further forward. No doubt there will be clarification soon as the voting cards will either arrive or not as the case may be.

We have been told that the same will apply to us after Brexit happens.

What’s it got to do with Brexit, Jane…??? :thinking:

As far as I have read on the French Gov sites… Brexit Day is January 31st 2020 and the day when we become disenfranchised…

However, end of 2020 is the deadline for settling many bits and bobs to do with Brexit…and I believe some others bits and bobs may take even longer…

I would be delighted if Brexit Day 31 January did NOT mean we are disenfranchised … until the end of 2020 or later… but I have not read anything to support this, yet.

The final date for getting onto the Electoral Roll in France is sometime in February 2020. (usually 31 December 2019, but it has been extended for next year’s Elections)

When we bought the house here I registered to vote in the commune rather than in Paris, have voted many times here & only received a carte electorale last year after replying to a post on this site, saying “that I have never received one”. Hey pronto, the voting card arrived a couple of days later. I have some sneaking supposition that @Stella Stella had a hand in it. :upside_down_face:

Naturally, I put in a good word on your behalf… :wink:

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Thanks Stella. That was my impression too from something I read a while ago but you know how it is, nothing seems to be set in stone until the last minute. So many different versions of the same thing being bandied about.

We had a visit from the prosepective candidate this morning and he was happy to attempt to put down the other person also standing, so I am relieved in a way that I can say, ‘sorry but I don’t have a vote’ without telling an untruth.

It will seem strange that after so many years of voting both here and in the UK, I am now voteless. If only that meant that we were taxless too.

Never mind, I knew what the rules when I moved here, so will just have to accept them for the time being.

It’s getting cut-throat here too… we are in difficult times and likely to get more and more so… until the elections are over.

It is important that folk are on the Electoral Roll… the Mairie keep asking me to ensure that so-and-so (Brits) comes to Register… so they obviously do not feel it is a waste of time.

Perhaps, at the very least, it will work in our favour if we have to prove we are integrated/joining-in with the community etc…

Because we will lose our voting rights, but we will still be included in the annual Christmas lunch for the oldies.

Aha… that makes sense… as the ERoll knows one’s age :wink:

That is how our commune used to add more folk to the Invites, when their Age hit the magic-marker.

Nowadays we know how old folk are in our Commune and only have to check on newly-arrived non-French folk… :wink: