Vous n'êtes pas en Europe Madame, vous êtes en France

Just posted in general discussion but as there may be a looming court case here's the story:

I received a very stern letter (written in capital letters which in French can often mean 'I am telling you off') from the RAM/RSI

The letter states that the E106 does NOT cover uk nationals for two years' healthcare and they are demanding that I pay them in arrears..............

Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Various UK gov departments, at the time of my moving, plus CPAM and a French accountant assured me that I was not liable for RAM/RSI contributions during my first two years and that the E106 would cover me.

So I decided to phone to check if this letter was a mistake. 'Non Madame' they told me. When I started to say that the UK has a reciprocal agreement in place according to EU law the lady cut me off by stating

'Vous n'êtes pas en Europe Madame, vous êtes en France'


Any advice welcome as the letter is also threatening to take the matter to court......sooner rather than later

Your last paragraph doesn't surprise me at all, I've been CPAM and other half is MSA and neither of us could believe the problems with the RSI, especially as I moved across right at the beginning of the AE scheme when, in fairness, no-one knew what was going on and what to do!

Yes they've changed the rules and you can be an EIRL or EURL, I can't remember exactly, but in any case you can change to that status which protects your assets, or remain in the standard scheme and simply draw up une déclaration d'insaissabilité (at the notaires) which puts your house out of reach as with a sarl. The AE scheme suffers from a bad image, that's true, but the scheme itself works very well now everyone knows what they're doing. If you're not going to have too many overheads and expenses it may be worth being a group of associated auto entrepreneurs... bonne chance !

Yeah am aware of the SARL contribution issues but as I am setting up with other people it seems to be the best route, not least because personal assets are protected if it goes belly up

When AE came out I was tempted to change statut (didnt in the end as it costs a fortune). Plus there were so many mixed feelings (from both my French and English circles). If we can't set up the SARL in the way we want and end up being a bunch of freelancers working on the same projects I will look again at AE along with micro entreprise etc

But one question you may be able to help me on...I recently read that the AE status can be applied under the title of EIRL - works on same basis as AE but personal assets are protected. Have you come across this?

Oh and BTW I was chatting with an embassy contact (consular section) today and I mentioned the RSI - she said that she gets more enquiries regarding RSI admin than any other french admin departments.........she herself had to take them to task recently over a family issue and was amazed at how quickly her problem was sorted out when they realised they were dealing with a diplomat!

I've come across countless people who don't realise the UK is in the EU, it just makes me laugh, no more than that and I then explain the situation and show them my european passport. It never bothers me because seeing the UK from France, I don't think it's really part of Europe either, more another state of the USA just off continental Europe...!

just make sure you are aware of the fact that in a sarl you will have to pay all the same contributions whether you make any money or not. the AE scheme is the only on to base contributions on turnover which is why it's had so much success for small/micro businesses. BTW when becoming an AE just look through the website list of jobs and choose the nearest so there are no hick ups ;-)

Bonne chance !

second that !

I really do wish you all the best Sarah, I try to explain to everyone that working for yourself in France is not the route to riches. To work for your self means that you have the freedom to set your own hours and do the job as you see fit, so you can take professional pride in what you do. Being an employee gives you non of this but also means you have much less stress - apart of the stress of being restricted.

Ha ha ha I love my man - he's just said that I should take legal action not for racism but for RSIsm - geddit?

thank you

AE did not exist when I moved and I additionally found myself 'without statut' as the CCI refused me as I am a artisan/artist as did the Chambre de Metiers (because I am an artist) and La Maison des Artistes (because I am an artisan) After a year of working URSSAF finally wrote to say no one wanted me so they created a grey area 'travailleur independente activités artistique' statue for me.

Have spent the last year on formation and my current project is being set up as a SARL - wonder what adminstrative joys that wil bring....at least next time around I can share the misery with my co-directors


Sorry Tracy - I posted it in two sections and even got myself in a muddle.....

So many of my French friends say that the UK is too pro-American and not a committed EU member as it didn't join the Euro. At the same time a number of us are being told by various fonctionaires that France is not Europe and not answerable to EU laws and agreements.

I moved 5 years ago so may not be up to date with moving procedures. In any event I hope their move and settling in goes well

It's not generally a problem if you contact the RSI and agree a payment plan, the key is to contact them, offer to pay something then argue it if necessary. As you are discovering (have you read Beverly's thread, just last week, the same thing happened to her) you were given erroneous information in the beginning and now it is going to cost. Setting up in business in France is a nightmare - whatever the pros and cons of the autoentrepreneur, it is a step in the right direction. I wish you all the best!

Although my post was about the RSI I had to include la bonne dame's parting comment as for once in my life I was almost speechless. I will refer to the comment when I reply to the letter but don't want to go too far as it's a whacking bill and I need them to let me pay in installments...

What happened at the school? Have followed the story of your daughter's bullying teacher - please don't say they fobbed you off?

Thanks - and this is the info I was given when I left the UK. The problem I am discovering is that the E106 will only cover you if you are unemployed and I immediately set my small business up on arrival

I am nonetheless going to contact them for advice as even if I have to pay there is no way I can stump up the amount in one go

Aha, mystery solved - the question was posted in two sections! Thought I was going bonkers.

I think the E106 has now been replaced by an S1 form. Same form, different name.

nothing to do with employment, but I relate what was said to my family when we went to the local social office in Valence D'Agen to enquire about living and working in france for my daughter and son in law.

My french is nort that good but it was quite easy to understand "NON - UK is not in Europe"

Well, I know some legislation is passed pretty quick in Parliament, but surely we couldn't be out of Europe in the week since we left UK. I tried again to explain that we had been in the EEC since the 70's. "Non" again "The UK does not use the euro and so it is not in Europe"

At that point I gave up and made an appointment at the mairie and Madame Maire put the matter right, much to our relief, UK is still in europe. She said that the clerks in the social office were fools. That's well said but these clerks deal with the paperwork that affects our lives.

Now a question, when my family move out in May, what documents should they take with them and who do they register with to get into the health system. Thay have 2 babies and my son in law wants to find work straight away.

Colin Granville

Two issues here - one is your entitlement (or otherwise) - ok, we all get that. And I'm glad you have had some great input on this.

The second is the completely and utterly appalling comment made by some widget. Last I heard France was still part of Europe...

I got given the same crappy load of shit when we complained at our daughters school last week. But it is bollocks. France is part of Europe - deal with it! I completely understand if you don't have the energy to tackle the racist aspect to this but.....it would be so good if you could! Good luck and keep us posted?

Well it seems I am actually liable - despite the RSI not sending me bills and only just contacting me on this matter

That said it's very helpful to know that if I do have a legitimate case in the future that Solvit exist. Thank you so much for posting this info