Want to get a tablet - want to be able to download english apps/tv/books etc

Hi folks, I want to get a tablet. Budget is not fab so have pretty much poopooed an iPad ...contemplating Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD.

I suspect there will be issues with what content you can download in France, in English.

I have a basic Kindle ebook reader which i have registered to Amazon.com and its pretty good for english books etc but I suspect it will get more complicated when it comes down to streaming video/tv etc.

Similarly I had a look at Google Play on my laptop which presumably the google Nexus will use, and all the films showing up were French, which I do not want.

So, is there a way around this or would I be better considering another tablet which isnt so locked into either Amazon or Google or are there similar issues for all tablets these days (ie iPad etc?).

Not a computer whizz by any stretch of the imagination so treat me kindly!



Comments on this thread dried up at my end 7 Dec. Must be more taking in the Xmas/New Y period. But, where are they?

My problem is probably covered in the missing links so bear with me if already solved.

Am interested in a low budget (60-100€) tablet, notebook or laptop.

Basically, my modest needs are web, emails, photos. I write a lot so would like a proper keyboard (not clip-on style), designed for clumsy fingers. Might accept a clear large virtual on a tablet. Not interested in games or films, which need mucho GBs.

Have browsed the Jan sales offers 'til my head spins.

Tempted by low-cost offers but hesitant - prefer seller with solide CAV, no 2nd hand stuff.

Anyone with same quandary? Recommendations from our resident experts gratefully received. Thanks, and all best for 2013 - which looks like being a tough year.

Sorry Brian I didn't make myself clear. I meant from the camera to the tablet when out on a shoot. There must exist a cable I guess.

I got a Galaxy 10.1 for free from Orange when I switched to them as my ISP earlier in the year. Paid 400€ and got 300€ back in credit against my bill from ORange and 100€ direct from Samsung. Very happy with it and now leave my laptop at home when travelling.

Another question concerning the Nexus. Is it possible to upload photos to it "in the filed" or should I say on location?

Thanks Brian.

Why do you find proxy servers (vpnuk.net) are complicated?

Would it work on the Nexus? You've got me tempted!!

Oh, we have the same tastes. I had the Wildfire as well but have now got a Galaxy S2 phone so I can sync everything with the Galaxy Tab - just haven't learnt how to do it yet. I had the same dilemma between the 2 sizes but am very happy with the 10.1, I think the 7" would be more like a big phone.

Hi Brian

I just looked at the Nexus 7 and it seems quite good.

For iplayer, could I not use the service for a UK IP address?

I am now confused between the Kobo and the Nexus, but as I like silly applications, maybe the nexus is better.


Ah thats good to know, thats Tracy. See, I am clueless!

I really cannot decide between a 7" or a 10.1" .... I have a HTC WIldfire S phone and I hate the blinking thing because it is so small and I can't see a thing on it - my eyesight is terrible on small detail.

Just to point out that the Galaxy 8.9 is an old spec model, so can be acquired fairly cheaply - SFR were doing a promo with the 8.9 virtually thrown in. The newer models (therefore with more capabilities) are the Tab 2 available in 7" or 10.1", so again, it comes down to what you want to use it for, as newer is not always better - says she who fell for the brand new Windows Vista when it came out :-(

Thanks so much,

I have seen a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 for £209 or a 10.1 for £239. I would rather pay the bit extra to get something with more capabilities. It looks like you can get HDMI adaptors for this too so I could always get that but if its doesnt work well with TV then its not a major must have.

Oh well, time to shop around. Looks like the Galaxy is the winner for my needs.



Ihave the Galaxy TAB 2 10.1 for work purposes and the size is perfect. Interstingly my daughter has asked for a tab for Christmas but said not big like yours though, I want one like your Kindle. Lucky girl has aKindle Fire coming, that I picked up for 99gbp in the Black Friday Sale last week. Only problem is that it is waiting for us in thr UK till we get there for Christmas and I.'m dying to have a play and compare with it.

Not too much rambling at all Brian ... you have addressed my concerns beautifully! Thank you.

You mentioned the Blackberry Playbook .... yesterday I did a little more looking around at tablets, trying to get au fait with them and what they do. It occurred to me that it would be handy to be able to connect the tablet to our TV to watch TV/Video etc and I believe this needs to be done via a HDMI cable. Kindle has this but the Nexus doesn't ... however the Playbook does. So I am now considering the Playbook also .... does it do all the other things that I require well ... internet searching quickly, emails from different accounts on different ISPs, ebooks (is it open to all ebook stores?) and apps (again is it open?).

I do like the look of the Samsung Galaxy - especially as it is available in 10.1 inch ... considering we will use it mostly for internet searching I think it would be much better to view in the larger format for old farts such as us (have just got my first pair of varifocals!), and its predominately to be used at home rather than be carried around much.

Thanks again everyone for helpful comments.

Wow, fantastic info Brian, I'm sure it has helped many people. I think something else everyone should take into account is what do I actually need/want it to do for me and what is my budget, then go looking.

Mine is in English. At the bottom of the page there is a language choice.

Can you not use the feedbook site in English?

no its a tablet 9.4" screen http://www.sony.co.uk/product/xperia-tablet-s/tab/editorialarticle2

I did get the Xperia T Bond phone for Mr Fitz for Christmas - we thought it was about time we stepped into the Smartphone & Tablet world after our 3 year old keeps complaining about our phone not working as well as Grandads!

Cool, thanks for that Claire.

Can you not read kindle stuff on it then Nick? I'm completely ignorant when it comes to these things. Is there not a common application? Where do you download kobo books from? Twenty questions :D