Want to use the dechetterie? - don't forget your card!

I got in once, just after the cards were introduced with some fast talking but it seems the local dechetteris is now very clear on the point! :slight_smile:


They tried that at our local déchetterie a few years ago, caused so much chaos the idea was abandoned.

Nice official sign BTW :joy:

This is totally stupid, but predictable.
What is more important, recycling and preventing fly tipping or having the right paperwork?
We now have the card for Cluny, but often pass the one at St Bonnet de Joux, which if we used as we went shopping would be much more useful and green.

Like a lot of things it boils down to money, the déchetteries are not cost free to run and it’s not totally unreasonable for councils to want to try to limit use to those who have paid for the facilities with their local taxes.


I’ve never had or been asked for a card at either of our local dumps… at first I would take a bill to show my address… but they’ve not bothered with that for years.

No idea what the future holds… but they are doing a cracking job of sorting the rubbish and recycling as much as possible.

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I wholly agree. Many municipal waste tips were sited for the convenience of local communities who needed to dispose of modest amounts of waste that would not fit into their dustbins or was potentially hazardous. In earlier times they would use a wheelbarrow to deliver it to the tip.

Nowadays the volume of waste is hugely increased, and locally situated municipal facilities are overwhelmed by demand. In our small town in UK it was common to have to queue for over an hour in a line of traffic several 100s of yards long in a narrow residential street to unload the boot of one’s car. Only local residents were given access, on production of suitable evidence, and rightly so IMO.

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I like the polite “Bonjour”. Such a civilising convention.

No cards here either. Just turn up, shake hands, exchange a few pleasantries, remove vast quantities of garden waste-while attendant looks on in amazement at how much you can cram into a Mini Clubman, and leave.
In the UK the round trip to the tip was at least 1.5hrs but here it’s 10 mins…

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Around here things are due to change next year… or maybe 2021… with each house being charged for whatever waste they produce (seems reasonable and that is the path we have voted to follow)… so cards etc will probably become a way of life…

will our CdSs suffice?
OH has no need for a card at our local dechette. The very nice lady who runs it goes to the same gym as V for pilates. Given the amount of hard work she does on a daily basis, I marvel at her form only enhanced by her efforts at the gym :wink:

Truly… I have no idea what will actually take place around here… there is much talk of each household taking responsibility/paying… another option is simply dividing the costs by the communes who use it… and then the communes can charge each household a pro rata… perhaps a % of the Taxe Foncière…

I prefer to taxed on what I actually dispose of… as we are particularly vigilant… and I have no wish to end up paying something towards another person’s “not so vigilant” rubbish disposal…

I’m not mean, just extremely careful with our not-limitless funds…

We usually have to use a card at our local déchèterie although quite often the barrier is left open. I still have my original card, which I bought from the mairie 18 years ago for the princely sum of 2€! I just love how orderly the déchèterie is - it really appeals to my OCD!

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Our cards were free, just had to apply; so far there is no restriction on number of visits but they did say that they were going to monitor usage and might impose a limit in the future.

Not sure whether commercial users are allowed if they pay a fee but essentially the scheme, so far, seems to be about making sure the service is not abused rather than anything else.

Obviously schemes elsewhere might differ in focus.

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Here in Vendee the cards initially cost €10 (to cover admin and the cost of the card itself) but are valid indefinitely and can be used at any dechetterie in the area. The card allows 12 free visits per calendar year after which there is a small charge of about €3 per visit. Unused free visits from the previous year can be carried over, so I currently have 15 free visits on my card. The system seems to work well and I’ve not heard of any complaints.

No cards needed at our dechetterie ! 2 trips there this morning and was helped in unloading the trailer both times.
I asked whether they accepted old X rays, didn’t have them with me, and was told yes just throw them in with the ‘mixed rubbish’. I did say that they contain soil pollutants so was that right, yes was the answer !
I will however contact the ‘powers that be’ as I find this strange…

I posted about this when I was disposing of hubby’s x-rays. Will find it and tag you.

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Thanks Mandy … xx

We have had cards at our very efficient dechetterie that is well staffed and provides a fantastic service for the last couple of years. You can dispose of garden waste as often as you like but your card is punched up to 12 times per annum for all other rubbish. We also have the dustcarts collection twice a week. It is all run by Sictom who supply the cards free of charge.

We’re limited on regular rubbish collections, maisons primaires get 12 vidages per year and secondaires get 6, though we do pay a bit less - anything over that is charged per go.

Just before the cards were introduced we finally tackled the pile of grass cuttings which we inherited and had added to over two and a half years - basically a week was spent doing six trips a day and even then we had loads of compost to spread around the garden.

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We have a card left by the previous owners - during spring and autumn they seem to allow free access for green waste and branches etc to be shredded , other than that there is a 10 visits a year limit for free access. The chaps working there have been extremely helpful especially when I have had really heavy stuff to shift.

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