Was Boris Johnson wrong to speak the way he did?

There’s a lovely part in this film where one of the students points out that despite education, the beliefs of others and equal rights some women still make decisions that other women cannot understand and as an individual they have the right to make that decision.

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I am replying to myself, because it seems that it is men who are supporting these women

If it’s their choice, why not?

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It’s difficult Jane. As I have said I have no objection to these garments being worn by women who have chosen to do so. However if you go back in history to why these garments came into being in the first place was that to keep women in their place ? The same with the Jewish laws .I don’t know enough to debate with confidence

You can’t base a modern opinion on why these garments were created in the first place. Even if it was true (and like you I have no idea) its the opinions of the women today that matters.

You have to decide if you give the people who choose to wear them credit for being intelligent human beings or not.

I understand they instill fear in some people, though I don’t agree. There are many more dangerous things than women in strange dresses in my life! Far better to spend our time understanding why some people are afraid of such a thing than trying to legislate against it.

Oh yeah, and back to the question Boris was wrong because of why he said it - for personal political gain.


Yes .

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very wrong. Remember that he was speaking about human beings, British people, frankly - but showing off to the Far Right by likening one group of people to ‘letter boxes’ and ‘criminals’ who have never, ever done anything to him or anyone else. Picking on vulnerable people because it’s easy, that way, to get points with the bigots. Yes he was wrong.

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He has the right to say as he pleases, irrespective of his position. Personally, I think that he was correct. They do not have to wear all that regalia - the U.K. is not a Muslim state and far too many terrorists have used the attire to commit terrorist attacks.

Why should the rules be different for one particular faith? There is a security issue that overrides any belief.

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How many terrorist attacks in the UK (or anywhere in the West) have been committed by people wearing burqas or niqabs? Please give a specific example because I’m having trouble finding one.

Also, what did Boris say that you agree with? Was it the bit where he said burqas should NOT be banned?


You seem to have totally missed Johnson’s point, Glenn. He is against banning the burqa and the niqab, on libertarian grounds.


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Yes you did, Glenn, and yes, on the latter point, you are probably dead right! :+1::joy:

Yes Guy, let’s be civilised and modern : let’s all go for naturism ! :rofl:

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And let’s wee in the street, naked and unashamed, as nature intended!:evergreen_tree::herb::eyes::grinning:

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Because there haven’t been any!!!

Honestly, I am so fed up with people spouting any old nonsense just to support their own opinions and prejudices.


I blame this modern multiculturalism nonsense for all this, Mandy. What did the Romans ever do for us? What did the Normans ever do for us? Come to think of it what did the Brits ever do for Normandy, Picardy, Burgundy, Brittany? … :thinking::cry:

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Do you remember John Simpson smuggling himself into Afghanistan in 2001 in a burqa? Maybe the Taliban would have considered that a terrorist activity, and if so that’s the only occasion I can think of.

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What Jewish laws are you referring to?

Oh yes! Here’s a reminder.