Was Boris Johnson wrong to speak the way he did?

(Barbara Deane) #1

Can we hold a vote on here?
Would be interesting to know how many people support his words and how he expressed himself.

(Bill Morgan) #2

Does ‘it’ do anything right Barbara?

(Barbara Deane) #3

What do you mean?

(Timothy Cole) #4

Everyone has a right to an opinion, how you express that opinion though is perhaps more important.

(Barbara Deane) #5

yes especially if you are a leader setting an example.

(Michael Archer) #6

Cannot see what all the fuss is about.

(Timothy Cole) #7

Which he isn’t.

(Valerie Skinner) #8

If it was a good old chuckle with friends at a dinner party, fine.

If a teacher spoke to a pupil like that, or a doctor to a patient, they would be disciplined and/or fired. He’s a prominent politician and knew exactly what he was doing. So, yes, I believe he was wrong and think constant excuses of ‘But it’s free speech’, ‘Oh, it’s only Boris’ have worn thin. There are ways of expressing yourself and this was done deliberately.

(Barbara Deane) #9

He is a prominent character within the Tory party so I feel that he is a leader.

(Barbara Deane) #10

Oh well we all see things in a different light.

(Phillip Cox) #11

His “boss” said he was wrong and told him to apologise …. which he has not done. In the real world he would be sacked

(Bill Morgan) #12

Considering the level of ‘it’s’ powers of diplomacy, how/why was he ever made Foreign Sec’???

(Nellie Moss ) #13

When the list of new cabinet appointments said Boris Johnson F Off Theresa May misread it

(Fleur Capaldi) #14

He is not worth the time of day.

(Bill Morgan) #15

:+1: :rofl:

(Nellie Moss ) #16

Sadly it’s not one of mine, but it’s possibly right

(John Wellum) #17

I hope my contribution in “General Discussion” " Be interesting to hear TMs response to Boris’s remarks!](Be interesting to hear TMs response to Boris’s remarks!" is relevant.

(Jane Williamson) #18

Apparently the Tory Party has been inundated with women who are totally against the niquab.
It does seem that it is only minorities that are taken seriously when it comes to being offended.
I am offended when I see women in anything which makes them subservient to the prejudices of men.
I do not like the practice of orthodox jewish women having to wear a wig after marriage, so that only their husbands can see their hair.

(Timothy Cole) #19

Everyone’s different Jane, I think women should be allowed to wear what they want but it’s fine with me that you and others disagree.

(Peter Goble) #20

I consider it very relevant and very thoughtful. I hope you will continue to comment on controversial topics in the same vein, John_Wellum.

I also agree with Johnson’s view that women should be free to choose how to dress, and the idea that men force them to wear a niqab or burka is often mere supposition, and not fact. Some women may choose to wear a burka as a political statement, as some western women wore black to promote #metoo.

It’s allowed in a free society.