Be interesting to hear TMs response to Boris's remarks!

(Bill Morgan) #1

To his most recent provocative remarks. :thinking:

Was Boris Johnson wrong to speak the way he did?
(Bill Morgan) #2

Will Boris make his play for the leadership after T Ms response, does he think he has enough far right supporters?

(Timothy Cole) #3

I can’t work out whether you’re talking to yourself or everyone else.:grinning:

(Bill Morgan) #4

Concentrate Timmy :+1:

(Ann Coe) #5

A link would be helpful … I don’t have UK tv and rely on various news links for information ! :thinking:

(Bill Morgan) #6

Neither do we, or any other TV Ann, but I have a wee ‘Sony’, wott picks up R4 News :grin:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #7

It is on French news !

(Ann Coe) #8

Thanks Babeth but I rarely watch tv either.
Merci Babeth, je regarde rarement la télévision, alors je regarde les liens que d’autres publient ici, si c’est quelque chose qui m’intéresse :wink:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #9

Neither do we because I haven’t got one, but a little radio and an internet connexion. I quite often goes on news website then click on what I’m interested in.

(carl tunnicliffe) #10

BBC News website?
We dont have TV and we are still in the UK… Get most of my news from here - for the UK anyway.

(carl tunnicliffe) #11

It is now time for BoJo to be expelled from the Conservative party.

I was going to say “this lunatic” but I thought folk might confuse who I meant with TM!!!

Maybe an MP cannot be expelled? I dunno…but I would certainly have a go!!! If TM hopes to have ANY chance of curbing the rising noise from the “ridiculous right” then she has to bite the bullet and get rid of him for good.

(Peter Goble) #12

He’s copy-catting Trump, getting his name in the media, and scraping the barrel of oiky public opinion. Getting snotty rebukes from the middle-class commentariat (Not you, Carl :blush:) only raises his profile and his status as a one-of-us piss-up-the-wall good 'un.

What may eventually prove his undoing is his serial infidelity and female revenge-served-cold.

Boris Johnson is a busted flush, history has washed him ashore like a dense flotilla of plastic bottles, used toothbrushes, crisp packets, discarded syringes, IUDs and used condoms on the shore of a south-sea island.

(Bill Morgan) #13

:+1: Now thats poetry Pete :hugs:

(Barbara Deane) #14

No need for television!
Carl has expressed this in good plain English.
Suppose it could be translated into French if needed.

(Graham Lees) #15

They can be deselected by their constituency party and even have the whip withdrawn but weak TM can’t possibly do that 'cos she needs every seat available…

(stella wood) #16

His remark sounds like something that folk might have heard on “Monty Python”… :thinking:

(Graham Lees) #17

Alf Garnett, more like… almost as bad as “monkeys eating each other” and scarse git!

(Mark Rimmer) #18

Boris has a lot to apologise for but at the risk of being branded an oik I have to say that with regard to the burqa I cannot see what he has actually said that could be considered racist!
Let’s face it, we all choose our attire to suit ourselves & to make an impression on others. Others will have a view & have the right to express them - no doubt Carl’s photo might generate some comment.
People who wear bell bottom trousers & tie dye T shirts might also find that people will make less than flattering comments. Then you have Goths, people in “onesies”, lycra, Punks etc.
Nuns have been likened to penguins but that is not considered racist or anti christian, vicars wear “dog collars”.
All of the above have been ridiculed by some who dress a tad more consevatively & although the wearers might not like the criticism I don’t understand how or why it should be deemed a crime.
No doubt my opinion on the subject will also be criticised by others here but they are entitled to an opinion & are free to express it & although I might not like it I accept their right to have an opinion.
A letter box is a tall structure with a slot near the top. A woman in a burqa is a tall structure with a slot near the top.
Here are a couple of photos. burqa james-foley

(David Martin) #19

Nice of you to let us know exactly where you stand.

(Patrick Early) #20

Boris far from washed up. My money is on hims getting the top conservative job.
Boris’s latest “witty” not-me-gov anti-muslim smear is perfectly calculated to appeal to all the latent racists in the Conservative party and beyond. A spot of culture war with attendant headlines might just work. It worked for Trump. Don’t underestimate this slime ball.