Water bills

Does anyone else get a water bill which is just the annual standing charge- we have a water meter but haven’t been at the property for several years- we think 160 Euros is rather expensive- what does anyone else think please.

If you check your bill, you are possibly paying the standing charges for drinking water and for waste water treatment… (that’s what’s on my bills anyway…)

areas differ with their standing charges… our is 106€ pa

If you want to maintain the connection, you will need to pay the annual standing charges, even with zero usage.

If you want the meter disconnected, of course there will be no further bills… but there will be a reconnection charge once the property is to be inhabited again.

I have no idea what that would cost.

Thanks, that’s most helpful

If you have a Septic Tank that seems quite expensive to me, if on sewer then may be ok.

We just received our annual reconciliation - we pay approx 215 euros per year for 80m3 water but our own Septic Tank.

I think I need to look more carefully at the bill, to see exactly what it says as we are on a septic tank…


Stella… not so bad as Orange, then, who demand €50,00 when you ask them to disconnect you.

OMG that is SOOOOO cheap!