Waterless wash soap/liquid

Not sure if this should be here or in Genral, but, as the water company has notified us of no or restricted supply next Monday the aide de toilette has asked me to buy something that can be used to wash Fran but does not need water to wash off.

Any descriptions/brands in French anyone?



Would it be possible to store water if it is just going to be one/part of a day?

Must confess, when/if the Water tells us of an Off period… I fill saucepans, bottles, kettles etc to ensure all carries on more or less as usual.

@David_Spardo if you have a pharmacy not far away… they will have the necessary…
I noticed an Infirmier using it during one of their visits… I’d offered them ordinary soap, but they preferred this particular stuff… and I subsequently bought a small bottle… for when we travel… etc. (it ressembles the gel we all have anti-covid).

First thing you do in an unstable place is fill the bathtub.


I did mention that, we do have a couple of clean plastic buckets but she dismissed that as impractible, also the main problem is heating a sufficient amount. We only have a couple of large saucepans and one electric ring to put them on. I will have a look at those links later, only just recovered from a very hectic morning and said goodbye to an effective but extremely garrulous hedge cutter.

Likewise @Stella, I’ll check that out too, thank you.


First thing you do in an unstable place is fill the bathtub.

Good idea, if you have a bathtub. :wink: :rofl: Ours is upside down in the garden after being exchanged for a shower in our very small (3m x 1m) bathroom. The only use it has had in the last few years is for washing dogs. But again, heating?

@billybutcher Just checked those 2 you mention, unfortunately neither will arrive till Tuesday but I will check them out in the supermarket along with the one @Stella mentioned. :grinning:

Baby wipes? Can be heated in the microwave. I always have a packet next to my bed to clean me feet in summer when in sandals!

Yes, got plenty of them from the odd times when I was occasionally stranded without washing facilities while on the road, but they are so small and not really suitable for a whole body wash. :smiley:

One can do a lot with a flannel (gant de toilette) and a small bowl of water! Think of bed baths!

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You can get bigger ones for doing bed baths, we used them in the hospital. Your pharmacy may have them.

I think the reply for both of you is, politely, ‘tell it to the aide de toilette’. She wants mousse or gel and that is what she’ll get. :rofl:

We have plenty of gants de toilette, I use them already for non-showering operations, so, as she uses them too, she must have concluded they weren’t applicable.

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May seem like a silly idea… but have you thought of popping down to the recycle bin and getting some plastic bottles, enough for 20l of water, fill with hot water and then either keep them in the home or outside, the ambiant temperature should be ok for washing. If not zap the bottles in the microwave.

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Here’s another idea…
Electorally turn off the power supply to the water heater, then un screw the cold water feed pipe so you can drain the hot water from the Securité valve, heyproso you have hot water, don’t forget to have some cold water handy to bring the hot down to required temperature

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The first idea is a good one, I wouldn’t be up for messing with the electric heater though. As we drink a lot of water these days I could save quite a few 1.5 litre ones between now and then and fill them with cold water, not hot, that would be a waste, all cool by the time they are needed. Then micro them leaving a little gap for expansion or so that I can see when the surface starts to agitate. Good idea. :wink: :smiley:

Just thinking aloud… ordinary plastic water bottles are NOT necessarily OK to use in the microwave… or did I dream that bit of information.

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I don’t know Stella, I wait for further opinion. :wink:

That is a antiseptic handgel and not really suitable for body cleaning

For hands, as it says on the bottle… but it gives David the idea of what’s available “sans rincage” from his Pharmacy… and that’s important… doesn’t need rinsing with water.

Frankly, I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t/couldn’t use this product on other bits of my body if I needed to , while out and about…

Just go native and dont wash for a few days! Plenty of folk in the supermarkets smell like they have been without water for years :flushed:

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Ha ha… I know what you mean and have often been glad we are still distancing… :rofl:
but there are products available for those who have a genuine need (like David’s wife).
When we travel, I have a pack of “necessities” which I hope never to need, but having it does give peace of mind, and we have been able to help fellow travellers on occasion.
One friend with a small child was very glad when I produced a toilet roll, since the rural toilet was just a hole in the ground… (and, yes, the paper was biodegradable). That small child is now in his twenties and would probably not thank me for reminding him of the occasion… :rofl: :rofl:

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You could use them elsewhere but be prepared for consequences, they are harsh chemicals that are designed for use on the tougher skin on ones hands. One of the other issues during Covid was lots of health care staff developing dermatitis for heavy use of these products even where they were designed
Also they don’t clean , they are designed for use on clean skin to kill bacteria etc