Weather .... how is it in your region?

Is it my imagination… or is this winter a bit over the top… :unamused: never known it so windy… except after a good cassoulet :heart_eyes:

It’s not your imagination Stella - the weather here in the deep South (09) has been pretty foul since the beginning of November! Never known it to be so unsettled, wet and windy in 13 years! Hardly a day goes by that it doesn’t rain at some point. Thinking of building an Ark!! :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same here in the Tarn (81). It’s been mild (only had 1 day of snow) but windy and very wet. We seem to be making up for the dry summer/autumn. Looks like the next 10 days we will have rain every day. The cats are seriously not amused!

Not so bad here in the Charente:

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Hi Simon and Mandy…

When we first came to France we were thrilled with the 4 definite seasons, with the odd wobbly thrown in.

I keep a small facebook link with family… and I can see from photos I posted in years gone by… T-shirts on some days in December… thick snow on others…:sunglasses:

Although according to the Weather News, we have not had more than our normal ration of storms :dizzy_face:

My old Gran would have said… “It’s all a Russian plot” :fearful: but I reckon the person to blame is the one with excess timber and copyright to Ark-building Plans… :grinning:


Hi Graham… the Poitou-Charente does seem to have very special weather…:relaxed:

We may have to beach our Ark somewhere near you…:hugs:

Wet, wet, wet!

Hi Stella, yes it does seem to be going on a long time. I too have photos of us in summer clothes in January, but then also have photos of us huddled round the fire in June :wink:

Wet and windy here AGAIN ! I live quite high up on the outskirts of our commune, it’s an exposed position and the wind has already brought down some trees and large branches :frowning:

Last night I thought an express train was passing throgh the grenier it was so noisy, alas more of the same to come

I’m looking for a non-rainy day to do the washing… and don’t want it all blowing off the line either… is that too much to ask… it would seem so… :anguished:

Can’t remember the last time I was able to hang clothes outside.

Luckily I have a buanderie where I am able to drape my damp washing over various dryers, takes an age to dry and not the same as blowing outside !

OH has put a rail high up , over the bath… and I can hang clothes to drip in there, but it makes everything so damp.

I am worried about the wooden windows rotting (no joke, I’ve seen some black mould in the crannies).

It seems that in olden times, the women would wait until Spring… to take their bed clothes down to the stream to wash them… no idea how they coped with that… but I may be finding out if the weather does not give me a break !


Well Stella, we are well above the high water mark of the Bonnieure which flows (in a torrent just recently) in the field below our south terrace which has a significant slope down to it so easy access to your ark without getting your feet wet :joy:


we have had some very wet days since november but in a good way for us it identified a problem that could have caused us a lot of problem in years to come had we built the building we were doing.

Dogs dont seem to care about coming in wet and making the house wet and the furniture and us humans.

Not a day of snow on our house though so far, but that is pretty normal for us. Winter has not hit us yet though the late january or february will be the snow period for us just beyond the pyrenees mountains. its the price we pay for living 30 minutes from the mountains and we love the views.


I love dogs… so long as they belong to other folk…and I can give them back…:relaxed:

Seems to me that the are never happier then when they are wet and filthy… having deliberately rolled in something unspeakable… and then come rushing up to me for a pet/cuddle and shake themselves all over me…:hugs:

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Not a whiter shade of pale but so very grey and soggy.
Weather for hibernation…however now that my cold
is getting better it is time to get in the car and buy the cat food…
and some things for us.

Graham - that looks wet and windy with 100% cloud cover!

All I can say is… it’s all my fault… it must be… neighbours say “le temps anglais” and look at me almost accusingly as if I have ordered it especially…

My response is “il neige en Angleterre” and that seems to placate them…just a little… :laughing:

Morning all

Here in La Manche (50) It seems to have been raining since November. The thing that is noticeable is the amount of gales we seem to be experiencing. Regular and intense. Get the odd few nice days, and the temperature is quite mild. We have had no severe frosts yet, and not a flake of snow.

I suppose the really cold weather will hold off until all the fruit trees are in blossom.

Andy W

It is Simon but much better than it has been elsewhere so grateful for small mercies.

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