Weedkillers under lock and key

We went back to the UK for a 6 week break.
Just back and visited the Brico only to discover all the weedkillers are now in locked cabinets, which is new since we’ve been away.
They were just shutting for lunch so I didn’t have time to ask why - so is this some new French or EU legislation?

You still have unrestricted access to weedkillers at UK outlets - Homebase, B&Q, garden centres etc.

Something to do with Glysophate, an ingredient of weedkillers which I believe France has either banned or wants to ban in domestic situations. I think the farming community are allowed to use it though.

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to stock up during UK trips.
I’m already having to bring back specialist yacht paints for a pal who keeps his yacht in France (much cheaper mooring than Scotland) but either cannot get the paint he requires, or at reasonable prices, so I guess I’ll have to load up on weedkiller too !!

The whole point of removing certain chemicals from the shelves as from January 2017 (in accordance with the Law of 2015)… is to reduce the usage… and thus protecting wild-life and reducing/eliminating contamination of water supplies etc etc…

World Health Organisation says glyphosate is a possible carcinogenic. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup weedkiller…other chemicals are also suspect.

Even if the stuff is still available in other countries… it might not be such a good idea to bring it here to France…

Other means of control are available, which are definitely less harmful to our environment and to us …:innocent:


Does having the weed killers in locked cabinets mean that they are not for sale?

David… it is now a “controlled” substance…and many Communes have banned such chemicals …in a couple of years it should have disappeared altogether…

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I spend years in Germany where weed killers were virtually impossible to buy so no change there.

I don’t understand the problem here. Yes, it’s now under lock and key, but you can just ask for it…

Same here in the Netherlands most garden weedkillers are not available in Garden Centres anymore. Has been that way for a couple of years.Declining bee populations is one of the reasons.

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Not before time too ! There are plenty of natural alternatives to this toxic mix … If anyone is interested here is the link to my French friends ‘natural gardening’ site. It’s in English too and has lots of good ideas !



So what do you use for problem “weeds” including ivy, brambles, brushwood etc - rampant over a large area. Digging or burning are not options

Weed control is more labour intensive now that chemicals are not allowed in our Commune… it’s very hard graft but everyone benefits … :slight_smile:

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You get down to some hard work . I have already cleared a very large area by first of all strimming the brushwood to give me access and then pulling out by hand (well gloved) brambles, ivy, nettles etc. Weed killer is toxic and a short term solution because unless you get rid of the roots the same problem will happen later. Of course it’s hard but nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a job well done, after all if you want to live in the beautiful countryside it’s a small price to pay !

As I said digging isn’t an option although I have always found weedkiller 100% effective, ie roots and all

You used to be able to make Explosive from a Weedkiller and Sugar mix, so maybe its under lock and key so no Terrorists can buy it ?

or, perhaps it’s to make sure the buyer is 21 in case of Youths sniffing it ?

How selfish .

It means that the sales person has to advise you on the weedkiller usage/dosage etc. I read that farmers are discovering that using alternative methods they are saving money and not reducing crop yeilds. I’m too busy to dig deeper (sorry for the pun). I do agree that I should reduce my weedkiller usage - this year I stopped my annual spraying of the grit path around our property (all 200m of it) I hoed part of it during the sharp frosts which lifted the ground - this was pretty successful but the rest, where I didn’t have time to complete the task is a disaster area. I hoed this area but just destroyed the grit path… Any ideas other than flame throwers anyone ??

Recipe for weedkiller - turns weeds brown in around 3 hours on a hot, sunny, thirsty day! Brilliant :slight_smile:


5L White Vinegar
1 cup of salt
1 tablespoon of washing up liquid

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Just a tip Simon, vinegar will kill the leaves but not the root, Salt is a big no no, it will kill the roots but will make the ground unsuitable for future planting, will be ok for paths and gravel though.

I only use the vinegar mix on paths and gravel Michael.

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