We're all Trussed up now :(

In an announcement surprising no-one Truss has won the Tory leadership contest.

<Deity> help us all (Truss certainly won’t).


There will be a GE before Christmas

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Well, you lot aren’t, cosily tucked up in France.

Wish I was as well.


I’m loathe to spoil a good lunch so I’m muting this and any other UK political threads… for a while…

I’ll leave those who wish to… to dig and delve… best of luck.


Please explain the sequence of events that you envisage will lead to a GE.

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I think there’s going to be a lot of unrest, strikes, protests, civil disobedience and ultimately the government will be under such pressure they will call a General Election

They won’t though - they will hang on until 2024, because they know that they are losing the next election whoever is at the helm.

In fact my greater fear is that they declare a state of emergency if there is civil unrest and use that to postpone a GE

Oh dear, it seems people have been vandalising her Wikipedia page :slight_smile:

I do think there will be a “winter of discontent” - it’s inevitable - but I’d be very surprised if that led someone like Truss to call an election.

The problem is that there is essentially no mechanism for forcing a government which has a parliamentary majority of 71 seats out of power if it does not want to go - short of an actual coup.

If the party hold a VoNC (quite likely I suspect, I doubt she will make it to 2024) that just puts another (possibly less suitable) Tory in N° 10.

If Labour call a VoNC in the Commons the Tories will close ranks and Labour will lose

There is an upside to this tragedy, the number of people trying to cross the channel to the UK could swiftly be eclipsed by the number of (sensible) ones heading the opposite way :joy:


The only scenario I see for an early election is a dramatic change in circumstances (eg ceasefire in Ukraine) coupled with a new-leader bounce in the polls for Truss (which is always possible - and Labour is still weak I think so it might not take much). Very unlikely - but even less likely that she’ll go mid-chaos.

Polling is at least a 17 point lead for Labour - and it’s been obvious who the next PM will be for ages, I don’t think Truss will get much “new face” bounce.

Edit - haven’t verified this (picked it up on Twitter) but it seems that Truss won’t even get a “bounce” from people who voted Tory in 2019!

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57.4% :thinking:, 80,000 headbangers decided the immediate future of 67 million. Democracy my dingo bitten bottom.


60% went for the “neither of the above” option :crazy_face:

Oops, correction - it was 60,000 not 60% (about 30%).

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Yes I saw that poll in the Guardian a week or two ago. The thing is though I wouldn’t expect a bounce yet. A lot of the media clearly favoured Sunak, and Truss attracted some pretty negative reports. But that won’t last - a lot will now swing behind her however bad she is, and they are very powerful in the UK (not so much because of the readers/viewers of blatantly right-wing media - although there are several million of those - but because they and what Maitlis recently called ‘agents’ of the Tories have an iron grip on the whole news and current affairs agenda.

Isn’t that the lady who does the cleaning?

About as democratic as the Electoral College.

She’ll probably announce some plans which have a superficial plausibility but, apart from something to stop energy bills going higher in the short term I doubt anything much will help the less well off.

Keep an eye on the money markets to see how they view it…
Will be more reliable than the The Daily Vomit and The Daily Basket Case