Were you all engaged in being British?

Many of my Uk friends and even my close French friend here in France were

amazed and, believe disgsted to learn that I was not remotely interested in watching the Jublie


Sorry everyone but I am not attached to the whole production.

Perhaps everyone was despperately trying to recapture the spirit of yesterday when

they gathered to cheer.

For me, perhaps it was a day when I took some time to remember the people who

had parted from our world in sad and tragic circumstances; to retrace their happiness and

to follow them through the greatest moments of their lives.

Today my mind is in tune with summer, being in France, cherishing my friendships

and focusing on my work.

I wish that Cinderella and Sleeping beauty were true stories.

As a child there was nothing better because they brought magic and enchantement into

a child's world.

The monachy was born in the same romantic way.

It was created to elevate to create an impeccable leadership but seems

to be incapable of perfection due to life's own inpurities.

Hopefuly the garden parties and the big celebrations will continue as

it is clear that so many people need this instution as a foundation

when even the leaders are confused by their own confusion.

If you need this last sentance explained just look at the banking mess

which began to ecelerate around 2007 and look at it now.

Have a look at the presidents and representatives who have changed policies


Have a look around at the buisness world....just how hard is it to earn a crust?

It will take a long,long time....and like climate change..has it gone too far?


All of my French friends enjoyed watching the Jubilee and many of them wish they still had some form of monarchy. Many politicians of all persuasions in all the countries of the world seem to become embroilled in corruption and their own power - yet there are few European "royals families" who have similar problems. Although I must say there are quite a few "whacky/eccentric" royals around - but in the main I reckon they do a lot of good work, especially for minorities and those in need.


Amen, Glen! I wasn't going to watch any of it - but, just like the wedding last year - stayed glued to the telly! Pomp and cremonial we can *really* do !!!

Yes, got it mixed up with Changing of the Guard - thanks for that. :)

The Trooping of the Colour is an amazing sight.

Well said, Sarah!

And I noticed that several of our French neighbours were glued to our TV when we had them round for the festivities.

And re 'Trooping of the Colour' (NB not Changing of) - watched it last Saturday, and compared it to 14 Jjuillet parade. Well, no comparison really, but then am ex TA.

thank you for clarifying that Brian, knew you'd understand, perhaps agnostic and republican or republican and agnostic. Agnostic in that I don't believe in God, I don't believe there is one/are any BUT I can't prove that so I accept that others believe and that's fine as they don't try to change my mind or impose their beliefs on me... but I think we've been there before!

OK then, a republican agnostic. That is somebody who puts a democratic society before god.

An agnostic republican is that someone who is not sure they believe in republicism?

ditto David, not being provocative, just objective.

@lococki carol. Dead but unfortunately not buried in the hearts and minds of the Red Tops. Never a great fan of Saint Diana.I regret her death no more than I regret the death of any young man or woman. I suspect that she was in life a manipulative woman who played the poor wronged wife to perfection.So I'm afraid I shall continue to criticise.

Exactly right David. I was without a scratch when somebody hit and overturned me. The fire service turned the car back over but the doors were crushed and would not open, so the cut the roof off at the front and bent it up like a sardine can. I had my seat belt on. The guy who hit me had his seat belt on but it must have been too slack because he slipped out and his head went through the windscreen. He wasn't badly hurt but was well over the limit and got a long ban, I had to be in court of course, and heard the dressing down he got. His car, looking at the pictures in court, looked like a pile of scrap and mine not much better. So not so sure about the Diana thing, the seat belt might have kept her alive if badly injured at least.

@Shirley. It may well have saved her. Car wrecks often look far worse by the time the press photographs are taken. A result of all the cutting emergency crews do in order to have room to work.

ha ha ha, love the idea of trundling down to the déchetterie with them bouncing about in my trailer :-D

Would your local decheterie accept a redundant god and queen in one load, I wonder? Ours would probably chuck them in the unclassifiable materials skip.

I am like Andrew, an agnostic republican and please do not take what I said above seriously, if people believe in god and monarchy that is ultimately your right. I simply do not agree.

absolutely right about the political power, she signs pretty much regardless but does have a weekly meeting with the pm where she "advises" him/her. During the celebrations there was a backlash with a reported 20 to 40%, yes up to 40% of britons who said they'd vote for a republic given the chance. It's actually nothing against the queen, she does a marvelous job, it's against an archaic system which I do not believe is correct/just. I think opinions may well change further towards a republic once charles gets the thrown. It's alittle bit like questioning why on earth she's still head of state in Australia, NZ, Canada etc. pretty sure Oz will say no next time round and the others may follow suite. Would a president do a better job, probably not but he/she will be elected by the people not "chosen by God" - who doesn't exist either in my book but has just been used along with the monarchy to "put the fear of God" into the masses and control them. As you can guess, I'm an agnostic republican which is why I feel at home here in France!

Well that was very precise.

yep, we're a right old bunch of mongrels!

@Barbara. After cavorting round the Med with her latest rich squeeze and leaving the kids in the "care" of their "father"and grandmother she got in the back of a car being driven by a drunk. Too posh to buckle up she ended up dead.