What are you going to be doing on the 31st?

We are certainly not celebrating! However wondering whether we should mark the date so it sticks in our minds, but yet to think of the right idea.

I was wondering about spending the day going to Switzerland and Germany. Had I not had a mammogram booked for the morning we could probably get to Italy as well…but not a very environmentally friendly idea.

Which leaves with the fall back of a nice european lunch… Any other suggestions?

(A sort of relevant story…The photo is of borne 22 on the swiss-french border, a walk we did recently to remind us how incredibly lucky we are and the importance of an united europe. This is a bit of the history of borne 22 from spring 1944 when jews were trying to flee France. This man saved dozens.)

Celui qui nous est le mieux connu est le facteur d’Ornex, François Lachaux, né à Moëns en 1885, patriote et républicain convaincu, qui tenait avec sa femme, la «mère Lachaux», fameuse cuisinière, le café Lachaux en bordure de la route Ferney – Gex.
On allait « chez Lachaux » la nuit, quand il y avait quelqu’un à passer. Bien que presque sexagénaire et traînant une «patte folle», François Lachaux se rendait alors à la ferme Jouffroy à Maconnex, en face du «château» où logeait son fils Louis Lachaux, membre des FFI depuis 1943, pour chercher les fugitifs. Il les amenait jusqu’aux barbelés par des sentiers en sous-bois, d’où ils gagnaient la sortie du bois côté suisse, près des bornes 20 à 22. Selon le récit familial, il aurait même porté des fugitifs incapables de marcher.


What will I be doing on the 31st - feeling quietly pleased that Farage will be out of a job (until Johnson rather transparently elevates him to the Lords).

Otherwise I will be being profoundly depressed.


Working just like most other weekdays, the date might be symbolic to some but the status quo will continue for another year at least.


Going to Paris to get a couple of days training in (:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:)before the France v England 6 nations game on sunday​:rugby_football::rugby_football:


Well, it’s a Friday so I will also be at work - but not even I’m planning to be engaged in work activities at 11pm, though I might still be frantically trying to file my tax return.

It’s ironic that it is  11pm isn’t it? We leave at midnight - but midnight Brussels, not London, time.


“until Johnson rather transparently elevates him to the Lords”

but but but he can’t. Got to be in the same party… at least, Bercow may well get veto-ed for that reason.

For me, I suspect the 31st (and 1st) will pass by unnoticed. Not that it’s not a hugely significant/symbolic day, just that in terms of the day-to-day there will be more significant days in the future. I have an eye to those in truth.

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Maybe not directly - he’ll probably be elevated in a Birthday or New Years list for “services to the Nation” or summat.

Given that not much changes on the 1st - except our current MEPS being out of work I’m inclined to agree that it will go by without much ceremony - except Leavers rubbing everyone’s noses in it.

Johnson will try to bury it out of the sight (and mind) of the Great British Public after the 31st, it will be interesting to see to what extent he succeeds.

I expect some of you have seen these cartoons of my constituency MP…he does live up to them in real life on the pavements of Rayleigh, my former home.

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I’ll be teaching how great Britain was (under the Norman kings, oh the irony) to year 7 and how the British (alone) won WW1 to year 9 :joy: whilst wearing my new EU scarf and earrings! Which will have a repeat appearance the following week on a year 11 trip to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Great fun.
At 11pm on 31st, I will be asleep with my head under the covers and like Pam Ewing (showing my age), I’m going to wake up hoping its all been a bad dream.



There’s still time to bottle your own. Could be a nice little earner from 1 February on…

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I think Mark A, you have a point. I wonder actually how much of Johnson’s bluster has been to keep ‘with the programme’ and once he has what he wanted, he will try and get BREXIT out of the news so he can broker a deal on the quiet, soft peddling to appease the EU in order to reduce the fallout. Seems to me (possibly naively) that way he has a win, win, win situation, delivered the ‘will of the people’, kept the Brexiteers in his party happy, and if he gets it right and reduces impact he may just keep his job at the next election. However at the first sign of things going even slightly wrong he’ll be off like a rat up a drainpipe in a flood, claiming he delivered BREXIT as promised but everyone else has mucked it up!

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Fat chance of that.

Probably right, I don’t think they know how to be happy, probably try and abolish the monarchy next.

Indeed and there are enough to scupper his majority, and even if Johnson has limited the degree to which Parliament can put its oar in over Brexit there will be other things that he needs to get through.

Brexit is about to get properly real - in all sorts of dimensions; it ain’t “done” yet by any means.

I’ill be at work as normal, Friday is market day here in Carmaux so a very busy morning in the shop. Might get out of the tabac mid afternoon for a training ride with club mates then back in the shop until early evening. Kids to sort out, homework will wait, if I’m lucky I’ll get in in time to catch the JT at 20h00 to see what they make of it, if anything! I think it’ll hit people more on Saturday morning, as for me, I couldn’t really give a monkey’s anymore!

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I’ve read that he’s instructed his MPs and staff that they are not to mention the B word after the 31st to give the country the impression it’s job done and dusted.

Meeting my parents at the station in Dax - they are travelling by Eurostar- then taking a week off :slight_smile:


I’m going to ignore the date and go to bed early and curl up with my Collies…

I’ll no doubt wake up the next morning and feel profoundly sad if there are any headlines from the rabid and delusional Brexiteer press about celebrations…:frowning:

MF is a complete and utter twat and I’ve never wavered from my opinion of him…a flesh crawling creep who has always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end…

My local MP is Alberto Costa who I do have a modicum of respect for…

My mom is elderly and classed as a demographic who typically vote Tory…she has never voted Tory in her life…she voted remain and has always thought that “we are better together”…

I’m still feeling really sad and angry…the labour leadership contest is holding little appeal for me at the minute and I’m mad at the Lib Dem’s for facilitating the election…

It will probably be many more years after years of not voting since Iraq before I’m tempted into voting again…

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I think you will find that a lot of Brexiteers are monarchists as well. I am happy for all sorts of reasons irrespective of Brexit and who knows, may be Brexit will make the UK stand on its own two feet again , i don’t know, but then, nor does anyone else as there has never been anything like it before. We just have to hope that not too much damage is done to people’s lives especially those in the UK who actually live there and feel any negative effects of being in the EU.

Personally, having lost the vote a few years ago, I take a more laid back approach to living in a ‘foreign’ country, abiding by the rules and accepting the laws of that country and respecting the vote of the people of the UK. It was their choice just as it was our choice to leave the UK and make a new life elsewhere.