What are you going to be doing on the 31st?

Well said Elizabeth, we can’t change anything so enjoy yourself spend less time on the computer and get out there. Let’s just get on with our lives.

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Just wondering, have you been voting in France since you have been living here

Stand on its own two feet? You obviously don’t understand the potential of Britains industry and agriculture. Briton is a nation that needs to trade, belonging to a strong trading block elevated its position above that which it could achieve on its own in the C21. The days of riches sourced by colonialism and slavery are long gone.

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Indeed. Did you mean ‘NOT being in the EU’ btw? Not that it matters, the sentiment is the same either way.

Indeed. We can argue about what democracy means (as we might over the length of a metre) and whether it was a true representation of the wishes of ‘the people’, we can even wish for there to be a ‘better’ measure of those wishes, or at least something else, BUT within the context of that referendum (indeed, any referendum), where and when it existed and under what terms, then you simply have to accept the result. Anything else is revisionist. The result stands in all its ‘glory’.

It wasn’t the result I wanted but there you go. I choose (again) where I go from there.

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I’ill be at work as normal, as for me, I couldn’t really give a monkey’s .

Just checked the calendar, :spiral_calendar: nothing special - life will still carry on as normal that day.

He may very well be joined by John Bercow, who has been proposed by Corbyn.

That’s right, just let everybody roll over us and not complain, keep a stiff upper lip, after all we are still British what ho!

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I’ve got an option on a second hand (unclaimed) haggis at the local English Emporium in our town, so I might celebrate Burns night on 31/1 and dedicate the steamed wee timorous beastie to Scottish independence and continued membership of the EU🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺


Holding a Wake.


What a load of miserable remainders you are having lived a lot longer than most of you.
I can still remember Ted Heath lying to us it was just a trading deal


Please, not this one again - go and read the Treaty of Rome.

The very first two paragraphs of which state

Closer and closer union and not just purely economic - it is right there in the opening paragraphs.



Oh, if you voted Leave and if your real beef is that Heath lied to you in '75 (and you didn’t check what the aims of the CEE were) then you much be feeling really cheesed off that the Tories fooled you again.

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The Treaty of Rome was as I said a trading group not a federalised Europe
And my reply as an old git I will probably be in bed

How do you know that we cannot remember the Treat of Rome?
In the same way that the truth was plastered on the side of a bus I suppose.

You must understand something different than I do by the phrase “closer and closer union” and “economic and social progress to elliminate divisions within Europe”. I think even the European Coal and Steel Community had aims beyond just being a trading group.

Not sure that is what is being claimed - just that Heath lied about it - whether he did or not is a bit moot because it was certainly discussed at the time in the media and in parliament.

But the Treaty was there for anyone to check and it was not hidng its aims in some obscure paragraph in the middle of the document.


Do you mind me asking if you are a resident of France, Britain or another country?

I’ve tried replying to @William1 three times but each time it goes to @anon88169868. The question is for @William1

I am old enough to have lived through the 1940’s

@William1 In which country do you consider yourself Resident ???