What are your favourite dvd's?

OK folks… my list includes…

Meet the Midwife
Foyle’s War
Doc Martin
The Vikings
Downton Abbey

let’s have some of yours…

dr who, game of thrones, Mission impossibles. ray donovan, anything martial arts. So hard to pick favorites

Quite agree Harry… I forgot to mention George Gently and Morse…

but we have so many, gathered over the years… great stuff all of them

Without doubt - La Cage au Folles / The Birdcage 1996 Robin Williams version - always put it on if I need pepping up!

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Avatar…never get tired of watching it
Lord of The Rings
The Hobbit
Watership Down although I loved the book even more

Sherlock Holmes
Ed Sheehan live
Christine and The Queens live

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Ed SHEERAN rather…!

We’ve got Wuthering Heights, but OH had a heart attack just as we started watching… and we have never fancied having another go… :hugs:

A cat called Bob.

Anything soppy - The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Sopranos.

Oops wrong list.


Have you been watching the French Dr Martin on Sunday evenings on Cherie 25? It’s absolutely brilliant but set in Brittany. The storylines are almost 100% identical to the original but with a French twist.
Morse definitely but I possibly enjoy Endeavour more.

Hi Dominic … we don’t have TV… just dvd’s for winter-time…

That’s a shame it’s a must for any French speaker who likes the original.

I do have French dvd’s…and some videos lost in the attics… :grinning:

I was referring to Dr Martin.

yup all those 2

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Doc Martins…??? Love love love…I had two pairs that lasted me for years and years…rainbow laces…I now have one pair given to me by my daughter that I save for “best”…If money was no object I’d be ordering a pair for scruffs a pair for trudging through mud…and two three four five six pairs for best…x :slight_smile:

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When you really think about it there are so many…I do have French tv (no English channels) and I try to watch it now and again…I can just about understand the adverts…English films dubbed are still a bit disturbing…I watch the news for Brittany now and again but when you prefer alternative news sources it’s more a case of comparing the opposing narratives…

Oh yes…Morse…! Used to love it…particularly the accompanying music…x :slight_smile:

i tend to watch english films in vo. Even my french wife watches them in english lol

Why lol Harry? My neighbours prefer watching films in VO also, it’s not rare.