What do you think of your SF community? Should we make some changes?

(James Higginson) #1

I feel like we’re stuck in a rut, is it time to make a change?

Ask me anything here, and if you don’t want to ask me publicly, send me a PM and I will respond. Confidentiality assured.

  • Yes, I like it here
  • No, it’s getting dull
  • It’s ok but could be improved, I’ve posted a suggestion below
  • I don’t care
  • It’s great, don’t change a thing

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(anon71231711) #2

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
What makes you think it’s broke?

(James Higginson) #3

Probably the general negative vibe, do you not feel that?

(anon88888878) #4

Yes from you and Catharine. FWIW I think the way you have treated Stella is appalling!

(anon71231711) #5

I don’t think it’s broke, I just think there’s too much navel gazing at the moment. I don’t know why, unless it’s a result of the Brexit cloud and general frustration about that, plus the miserable weather we’ve all had recently. But whatever you do with the forum it’s basically going to be the same contributors with the same views and the same outlook. Unless you want to chuck us all out and start from scratch? Good luck with that!
This seems to be by far the most active Brit in France forum at the moment. OK so some of the activity is negative but it’s activity all the same. Glass half full…

(James Higginson) #6

Yes, I think Brexit might be the underlying cause of concern, good point.

(anon71231711) #7

There’s different ways of disagreeing aren’t there. The current UK way of disagreeing seems to be to stick their fingers in their ears, kick and scream as hard as they can and go all out to trash the opposing side, and we can see where that gets you - nowhere. The EU seems in the main to be able to respect the opposing side even whilst disagreeing. Makes me laugh when the UK gutter press crows that the EU is about to implode because not all 27 states see eye to eye. Of course not everybody always sees eye to eye but that doesn’t have to mean the end is nigh, a robust discussion is a stimulating and healthy thing, handled right. So come on guys, let’s not take the Tory government as our role model.

(anon54681821) #8

communication is key.

There is for me a lack of it.

Some poster know exactly where the line is and when they make us cross it we are the ones punished.

Such as temps bans, removals of privileges etc.

While i am very vocal I have also been pushing this group on many many forums bringing many new readers into the fold and for that I lost my regular badge and other things too which sucks.

Point being is communicate with the community as doing stuff like that just sucks.

(Peter Bird) #9

It’s the same as it always has been and the only thing I would change, as I posted years ago is to have a Room 101 where members can have a good old rant, using whatever language is required to get things off one’s chest. A no-holds barred padded cell , it’s a great way to get rid of aggression too.
No form will ever allow this to happen of course but the thought is interesting…

(James Higginson) #10

We did do that about a year ago but no one used it!

(James Higginson) #11

Maybe we need to re-visit the idea

(Peter Bird) #12

Why not ?

(David Martin) #13

This is my preferred forum and I thought that it was going through a good spell, as Anna says it’s busy but I would question it being the most active at the moment. As I have written on another thread I believe that what some perceive to be negativity is often reality and that reality often has legal and moral consequences. This like any forum has its regulars and we get to know who to trust and recognise the snide comments and actions of others and just like in real life once noted we act and react accordingly. When the resident Walter Mitty writes something outrageous or just out of character that often needs questioning. Questioning stated facts is not negativity, it can an important part of the learning process.
Personally I think that the forum is very good. It is a much nicer, more open place than it was when I first looked when it was dominated by a few philibustering posters and the software is easy to use and second to none. There are resident experts who can be relied on but it’s good that their advice is questioned at times, that’s not negativity in my book. One of the biggest plus points is Stella, she, in my opinion, drives this forum in a positive direction, she posts a variety of interesting threads and encourages conversation, she has a wealth of experience of actually living integrated in her local community which is so much more reassuring that reading posts from people who live on the outside and promote expat myths. She manages the day to day running of the forum with individuality and care. One comment yesterday from someone who should know better made me wonder if we would be losing the driving heart and spirit of Survive France Network.

(anon54681821) #14

think room for rant would spill into the forum and seeing toehr forums such as facebook ogrups for ranting just invites angry people to join and sest a theme for the rest of the forum.

Its a very hard ground especially if rules are not firmly in place and stuck to the guns and bans are made clear, such as what you will loose if you are dealt with in this way and youd still need rules even in a room 101.

(James Higginson) #15

@anon54681821 makes a good point below, how would we handle that?

(David Martin) #16

The lounge offers us a chance to speak frankly about people and activity on the forum. If a Room 101 existed I think it would need to be a member’s only area and would need to be a ‘what happens in Vegas’ sort of place.

(James Higginson) #17

I’m open to a trial of this suggestion but I would need someone to run/manage it, agreed it would be members only. Any volunteers?

(anon71231711) #18

FWIW I visit the France sections of two other forums besides this one. One is very friendly and has relatively few spats requiring moderator intervention, but it’s also very quiet, it can go for days without a new post in the France section. The other is also a lot quieter than this one and is different in that it’s not UK focused so the range of questions posed, experiences shared and views expressed is wider, and again, it’s unusual for the moderator to have to step in. Which forum do you visit that’s busier, @Aquitaine ?

(anon54681821) #19

there is already the Lounge but that is only for the elite and easily lost privilege it seems but people that get access to it dont use it to rant as getting access to it is hard earned (and easily lost it seems)

I think if its ran by someone it needs to be someone less in your face and very diplomatic.

(James Higginson) #20

Perhaps we should put forward some candidates and take a vote?