What do you think of your SF community? Should we make some changes?

(Carol Lokocki) #82


(Mandy Davies) #83

I’m very happy you’re back. Hope you have a lovely weekend. See you here next week :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(Carol Lokocki) #84

I have dual nationality too since 1966. During these days of doubt it makes me feel safer with double nationality.

(Peter Bird) #85

1966 Carol ?

Were you even born then ?

(you look so young !!)

(Margaret Williams) #86

Reply to David Sheriton
I think it happens less now as the people who were shot down in flames don`t bother to post anymore - me included - I read the summary sent out but thats it. Thrice bitten etc etc.

(Graham Lees) #87

Hope you have the correct permissions for a visit to the Charente giggles

(Carol Lokocki) #88

@Peter_Bird thank you Peter very kind of you i was born in 1943 , have a nice day

(Graham Lees) #89

…and keep the sharp bit up and the dirty bit down :joy:

(Carol Lokocki) #90

@peter Bird i was born in Sheffield yorkshire in 1943

(Dave Sheriton) #91

It does happen in a lot of Forums but these days SF isn’t too bad unless it is a political question/ statement.

(Catherine Robinson) #92

I’d happily do this but can’t work it out, tried, got advice from James. Still can’t. Sorry :neutral_face:

(Catherine Robinson) #93

There aren’t as many comments on here as there is on fb pages, presumably because on fb the same questions get asked many times and on here they are filed and reused which is better. I don’t yak pleasure in arguments but I do enjoy reading non argumentative threads apart from the one problem I have that no one else has mentioned. I use my phone to read this site and when reading a thread it jumps around. Not always but often and it’s VERY annoying. I can’t even keep it still by holding my touch screen.
There are two or thee people on here (presumably admins), that often post very informative and useful replies. Other than that I’m more of a reader than a poster but nothing wrong with that, I’m still enjoying it!

(James Higginson) #94