What does your French château (or house) look like?

(Paul Flinders) #1

With all the TV coverage of Brits in their châteaux I wondered what everyone’s château on SF looked like.

To get the ball rolling mine looks like this:

OK, not a château, but plenty big enough for us (my son suggested adding a turret or two :slight_smile: )

(anon88888878) #2

Here’s mine Paul - bugger to heat! (apologies couldn’t resist!)


Foix Castle / Ariege 09

(Paul Flinders) #3

That’ll be needing 36kW then, hope EDF were up to the job :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #4

Nice pile Simon, wrap up well, good old ‘long johns’ ? :wink:

(anon54681821) #5

sorry no phots of my house its a building site lol. suffice to say 4 coming on 5 bedrooms of nice size, 2 bathrooms, plenty of land and plenty of dog hair.

(Mat Davies) #6

We are in the heart of the vineyards surrounded by more wine than even we can drink.

(Andy Boyd) #7

our little place looking over the Chartreuse Massif

(stella wood) #8

What lovely places… :relaxed:

Here’s one before it was turned into a château :wink: …well, into a garden shed actually.

(anon54681821) #9

one persons shed is another persons chateau

(stella wood) #10

This was the last thing to be tackled… we never actually used its facilities :wink:

(anon64436995) #11

This is our house, on the D911 to Avranche, and situated on a fork in the road. The frontage includes the nine windows à l’étage. The seperate garden is across the D911. We just had a delivery of logs midday today.

(Véronique Langlands) #12

Goodness isn’t having a separate garden a nuisance? Or doesn’t it matter?

(anon64436995) #13

Not at all a nuisance, Véronique. It’s just a few strides away from the front door and large enough to offer plenty of privacy if required. We also have a fairly steady stream of piétons passing by so we are well-known and that is a distinct aid to socialisation. We are 500 metres from all amenities, yet on the edge of town and a five minute walk from the beautifully scenic Vallée de la Sée, which extends for 10 km westward towards the coast.

(Mat Davies) #14

@anon64436995 Is that your Land Rover? I always wanted one of these, until I test drove one - it was a little too agricultural for the regular hundreds of miles on the autoroutes.

It used to be a family tradition of ours to stop in Avranche for breakfast on the way down from Cherbourg - in a cafe near the gardens,

(Véronique Langlands) #15

It looks lovely! I wondered because if you have hordes of children and animals as I do it would certainly be a nuisance.

(anon64436995) #16

Yes, young children and free-ranging animals would be in danger as there can be a lot of traffic at peak times and they often accelerate as they leave town, or fail to slow after they enter.

As far as I can gather from neighbours recent occupants have had neither, although the vendor had the ground floor equipped with several cat flaps :crying_cat_face::pouting_cat:, and an artificial tree to climb and scratch (the cats not the vendor). They took the cats back to Australia, whence they came, global mogs.

(anon64436995) #17

Yes Mat, it’s a Series 3 model, 1973 version. I’ve owned it for about 10 years and it has seen better days. I had a LWB 6 cylinder version in Africa, to which it was very well suited except when it came to sourcing spares. Same is true of France. I only use it for dirty work and it has pulled a few stumps here in our garden. I bought it mainly for the huge pleasure of driving it, no power steering and very rudimentary and heavy controls. But the very slow tick-over and the huge engine power and torque make modern 4x4s look and feel cissy. I learned to drive on 1930s cars, and still have nostalgia for the feel, the sound, and smell of those old beauties with their starting handles, wind-up windows, mudguards and leaf spring suspensions. :slightly_smiling_face::frowning:

We’ve made several cross-channel trips in Landy and get used to being pulled over by UK customs because they just love to admire it and take a peep under the bonnet!

(Peter Dawson) #18

Here is a little video of chez nous (not quite a chateau)

(Paul Flinders) #19

Very nice Peter - both toy and not-quite-a-château.

I’d be bloody careful flying near those power lines though!

Also - some quite odd effects going on with the video, did you image stabilise it?

(Jane Jones) #20

Haven’t quite finished building it yet…

(Just finished this bit, which is doorway to bottom of garden…)