What don't you like about France (Tongue in cheek)

I will start this off.

Grass…why does it not take a month off from growing.
I hated cutting it in the UK, but at least you got off cutting it for a few months over winter, here the sodding stuff never stops growing, grrrrrr :triumph:.
Couple of years back my mate phoned me on Christmas day to wish me merry Xmas, what’s that noise are you cutting firewood, no I am sitting on the mower cutting grass, he was for once speechless :laughing:

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It might not stop growing but it’s too wet in Brittany to cut for at least November-April (and quite possibly Sept to May).

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Its 235 miles from me, plus a 4 and a half hour Ferry crossing, :grinning: and just about everything, is better than here. :sob:


Lightweight :wink: it’s 835 miles + tunnel or ferry, so around 15 hours all in :yum:

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You’re too far north, my grass only grows for a few months in spring and autumn ( fraselled yellow in summer !)


So you’re not up north!

Central belt in Scotland in the UK, Sarthe here in France.

OK, north and north, i understand about the grass :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Bloody hell, 55mph average - that’s a hell of a journey.

It’s 300 for us (130 in the UK, 170 in France) - interestingly it is almost exactly the same in a straight line as measured by Google, but I don’t think that does the “great circle” distance properly.

Takes 10-14 hours door to door depending on which ferry service and the exact sailing times.

Mine’s 14km in 15 minutes between house and shop :rofl:

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If only that were true Paul - actually we’re in a dry spell now here in central Brittany - I’ll be cutting mine over the next few days.
In the UK I used to put my mower away November-April - here it’s in use all year.

I guess I suffer in the autumn & spring because I only ever get a week to come over, it always seems to be the wet one in the middle of a dry patch.

Featherweight :smirk:for us it’s 5.000 miles, but by :airplane:we can make it in 12 and a half hours. Our permanent move may be sometime next year. Can’t wait to complain about sitting on the mower cutting grass (with a glass of pommeau). :wine_glass:


Time to get a sheep!

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Three acre’s of grass, I would need a flock :yum:

Morning Annie

Can totally recommend the idea

We " borrow " my neighbours sheep for 6 months of the year, saves an immense amount of time and effort



Barley, corn, rape seed, wheat, cow’s and loads of hens/turkey’s around me no sheep I am afraid.
I am getting donkeys though :relaxed:


Donkey’s often don’t like small dogs, and vice-versa so check with your schnauzer first,?

You could get some geese they’re grazers.
Advantages of geese they lay nice big eggs & you can have one of them at the Christmas table.


Yep, go for geese.
Big eggs for about 3 months of the year.
Good guard “dogs”.
Can be bastards, but funny when they run.
What’s not to like?

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