What fantastic security 🙄

Really :face_with_peeking_eye: someone should get clobbered for this, takes them 20-30 sec to react.

BBC News - Protester throws glitter over Starmer at conference

just imagine what he might have thrown… :frowning: could have ended very bloodily… :frowning:

You would think they would have learned from Theresa May in 2017 when she was handed a P45, obviously not.

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I recommend Labour adopt the Pink hit, ‘Glitter in the Air’



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I think they’d been hoping for ‘Love’ instead. :wink:

Labour should have Pink perform at a their first election campaign rally

You’ve gotta get up and try, try, try”!

Celebrate when Labour wins the national election!

I’d have found ‘Love is in the air’ more enjoyable.

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His Close Protection Detail just got promoted to traffic wardens.


I reckon that Starmer will feel quite shaken, later, when he realizes just what “might” have happened… things could have turned out very, very nasty… I can’t believe the Security let the chap get that close to him… phew

He was interviewed on R4 recently and Nick Robinson actually mentioned he now had a minder with him. I guess the Minder is employed by Tory HQ.

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Not wanting to overanalyse, but I thought SKS did pretty well there. Very quick assessment that the protester wasn’t dangerous, no sign of fear or panic.

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He shouldn’t have been allowed to be there in the first place, If he had acid, a knife or gun it would have been over and done with before they could have reacted, look at the Salman Rushdie attack to see how quick it happens.


I would guess that a knife or gun would be picked up before he got into the auditorium - acid, well depends on the container, I suppose.

However there are many things more lethal than glitter which could easily have been slipped through.

Security should have been all over him as soon as he got up on the podium, he shouldn’t have got anywhere near Starmer.

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They mentioned something about this on the News Agents podcast yesterday, contrasting how the previous week in Manchester for the Tories all attendees had to go through airport-style scanners, whereas this week in Liverpool for Labour it was completely relaxed. I guess that might have changed now after yesterday’s incident.

I also thought that once he’d removed his jacket and had rolled his sleeves up then he looked more relaxed, less stuffy and more ‘normal’. Considering he made several references during the speech to how out of touch Sunak and the Tories are, this actually played in his favour. Sunak is the multi-multimillionaire who flies everywhere in a private jet whereas Starmer is a man-of-the-people.

I honestly don’t think it was staged but they couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome really.


I’d be shocked if the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition didn’t have an armed close protection team from the PaDP 24/7.

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If so then they utterly blew it yesterday.

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Ah well there. So say he was in the pub wirh the guy and knew him. Staged?