What goes POP?

Just a little Challenge to all SFN Funsters. How many things can you think of that go POP like Isobel brookes has.!

Such as:

Champagne for Sheila


A child when asked wadya want to drink?

An Indie band that's sold out

Party Poppers ( not that sort )

The body of a break dancer, innit?

Delboy's Motor?


Sub standard Prophylactic

Northern Rock


Doh silly moi...of course a Balloon

anyone else for playing?

Her book's coming out it's about POP culture

POP? this kid's gonna be big

that makes it official history along with trafalgar, waterloo, stalingrad, jimi hendrix at woburn abbey...

I remember the Rolf episode...hung on for dear life, ouch ...Ozzie's snack puts me in mind of an Oxford Punk Band Ken Liversausage and Bat-Sick

until my present OH veto-ed it, I used to keep ferrets and polecat cross ferrets, which are just big weasels after all, on a children's programme Holf Rarris once appeared with a ferret that bit his thumb. The BBC would not give me a medical bulletin on the state of the poor creature, biting Ozzies definitely desrves at least a medal.

luckily I was incognito![](upload://3xyJPkA0eYG42hkjJAoqaX5Pu7S.jpg)

trying not to let curiosity kill the cat

I Googled that 's' word with' 'weasel' hoping for reference to that TV programme about some time travelling wizard... and this came up with E How to kill a weasel..read the instructions


just tried thos parings in the interest of science,

they start tacky and get progessively worse!

eeeew Don't try that at home

your treacle tart sounds really nice Brian, salivating as I read. Yes, some interesting Key words in your last two lines there...make some interesting pairings... scat-tube, wobble-monkey, aaaaaarrrgh Rolf-Harris

I feel a Google coming on

know the problem in one place - I make a mean treacle tart to which one daughter is addicted, well along with the roughly 12cm deep x 40cm wide cheese cake that I swear she will take a spoon and polish off one day! anyway, treacle and I am a pre-diabetic (which may have blacked me out and smashed the shoulder) with dietary restrictions. so I shall simply remember NEVER to watch a YouTube of Tony Newley scat singing about monkeys on table in case I go into a case of Rolf Harris wobble boards....


These Babies go POP .... when I see my lovely wife! ![](upload://ytFpoIuDGyM7py6V5rzA8xMbEuB.jpg)

Borrowed from wikibank

Half a pound of tuppenny rice,
Half a pound of treacle.
That’s the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the weasel.[1]

Often a second verse is added:

Every night when I get home
The monkey's on the table,
Take a stick and knock it off,
Pop! goes the weasel.
I think it's about poor people, I mean you can't get rice for Tuppence now-a-days...sadly neither can they in the third world...so think on that next time your are Pilaffed-up.
I am mindful of Anthony Newley's scat ( do not Google ) version...he was way ahead of his time...Half a pound of treacle?..watch out you diabetes sufferers....careful spanking that there monkey.. As to where the money goes now-a-days...Bl**din' nowhere!
Gotta go my Weasel's just poped

What goes POP? my electric blow heater now...I was putting on my underpants...like you do, foolishly wearing designer open toe-ed Summer shoes created by the world famous Philippe Folloppe, got to that balancy point when you have the one chance to get the leg into the aperture in a one-er... and missed.

I went crashing into my work station sending, amongst other debris, a coffee Mug flying all over my keyboard ( and my daughter's Beatles Mug, she will go ape! ) it smashed on the floor and splashed onto my blow heater...which now pops, crackles and steams...giving off an Arabica aroma...and sparks.

A good day having I'm not!

watch this POP clip!

Drawing on resources at hand, we have purchased this illustration by an unknown artist, in order to give little colour to this fun SFN Post

Hi, What a fun game this has been can't really play myself today..I have a job on...YUP! So a big thanks to Brian and Sheila etc for being suitably child-like...

And thanks to all my Beta Testers in the 'lets get Global dominance on the web using only one word trials' ..yes you know it already: it's just astounding, only ONE entry in the whole of the Globe, now that's Keywording for you...If you don't believe me try it ..Just Google:


Thanks also for the PMs asking for some more of these P.O.P. acronyms...they sure have proved POP lier! I have been in Pieces!! Some classics here like...he He He. 'Piece of Paper'...creases me up! Ha Ha ha you, you couldn't make it up! so here a few more to keep you going....oh dear..where's me hanky!

* POP Proof Of Purchase

* POP Personal Online Planner

* POP Plenty of Parking

* POP Palestinian Opinion Pulse (Jerusalem Media and Communication Center)

* POP Percent of Precipitation (meteorology)

* POP Power of Partnership (various organizations)

* POP Port of Portland (various locations)

* POP Prince of Peace

* POP Prince of Persia (video game)

* POP Princess of Power (She-Ra toy and animated TV show)

* POP Principal-Only Payment (loans)

* POP Principles of Partnership (various organizations)

* POP Principles of Persuasion (workshop)

* POP Principles of Practice (healthcare)

* POP Prison Outreach Program

* POP Probability of Paternity

* POP Probability of Precipitation

* POP Problem Oriented Policing

* POP Process Operating Procedure

Note: We have 250 other definitions for POP in our Acronym Attic