What haven't you done, ever?

I’ve travelled a lot, but I’ve never been to Spain

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Bought a lottery ticket.

Never been sking.

Smoked Cannabis, or taken any other drug.

Alcohol not included!

Never parachuted out of a plane, never visited America, never had a Lesbian relationship, never climbed Everest, never been on a submarine, never absailed down Trump Towers, (the list is endless)By the way all the above are things I don’t ever want to do ! :joy:


Never been to Paris despite living in France for 11 years.

Haven’t been gliding (along with other things), maybe see if thats pos next birthday :slightly_smiling_face:

picked my nose

I was very lucky Mandy that I visited Paris many times with someone who knew their way around, made life a lot easier.
I was amazed at how ‘open’ and green it was, and also pleasantly surprised that despite the’ reputation’ that some Parisians can be rude, I didn’t find this.
Once again it’s a ‘label’ thing, I generally find that if one is polite and pleasant in life then, with a few exceptions, its reciprical.
Do hope that you can one day you can make the trip Mandy :hugs:

there are so many things I have not done that id like to do that are a far greater number than things ive done.

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Mrs B’ is polite and Parisienne, but it needs a Family emergency to get Her back to Paris, though She did, under pressure, take me to see Versailles. :wink:

I would love to go one day. It’s on my list of things to do.

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Ask her to take you to Fontainebleau Bill, that way she avoids Paris :wink:
Personally I prefer the Chateau of Fontainbleau, it’s a more ‘manageable’ size and seems more lived in than Versailles. Also the forest of Fontainbleau is just magnificent and the village de Barbizon is lovely for a visit too. Best seen out of ‘season’ though :hugs:

Argued with someone on a French forum.

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I’ve never owned a Ford (or an Aston Martin unfortunately)


Helped a mate restore His DBS V8, had unlimited use of, the joy, without the expence, the car was featured in Classic Car, after the restoration.:slightly_smiling_face:

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One of these…it’s the Vantage x pack, want one!!!



think its what you havn’t done> are you saying you did not do this and just drank tea?

Numerous things I have never done ever most of which are things that I have no inclination to ever do…I’m a simple soul…My kids say I should write a book of my life as it would be both poignant and hilarious …I’ve started it several times…probably a hundred times…lol…they are waiting to see if they can identify themselves in my true life account of all names have been changed…I have a working title suggested by one of my daughters…one day when I’m not bogged down with beurocracy and red tape and total bollocks I may just start the end chapter yet again and work backwards to origin…just that whilst origin as source energy is not in doubt the final chapter is forever in flux…x :slight_smile:

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