What is it?

I took a picture few days ago, and posted it on Facebook. My friends started to guess what it was, and still do. Why not starting a little game on here ? The one who will find the solution could maybe post a new clue then ?


Plastic tub of some sort through a polarizing filter?

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Plastic is right, but didn’t use a filter on my camera. What kind of plastic tube ?

Plastic square…ish bottle with a specific kind of liquid…

Maybe a 20 litre pétrole bottle

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No, completly empty ! Square-ish is right … So, which kind of plastic ?

High density polyethylene?

Don’t know exactly the composition Chris :blush:, but it’s an object that is quite common ! I meant which kind of object in plastic :blush:

Can you zoom out a bit so I can see the label😉

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Disposable packaging maybe.

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Is it a water bottle ?

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Disposable it is, you’re nearly there Chris !

I must admit Babeth that on first viewing it looked like a translucent wing of an insect…however, I think that the colours might mean it is from one of those plastic bottles of frying oil, perhaps !

Plastic, yes, but not a bottle ! to sumarize, It’s just a bit of a “something” disposable plastic refecting on a red glass table. Just need to find out what the entire “something” is. In fact, you’re not all far all of you. I wonder if I should give the answer now, so somebody else can give us another clue :thinking:

How can I ever get to sleep without the answer Babeth … tell me now !! :hugs:

If I tell you, would you post a clue ? :yum:

It’s bubble wrap!

No, it is not Chris !

A cup?

No, not a cup ! A clue : it’s comming from a supermarket