What is it?

Which one ? :neutral_face:

This one came from Super U, and we were deligted to empty it before I took the pic :yum:
But, they use them in every supermarket, which is not the best thing to put in the bin ! Takes a bit of space !

Wine ’ bottle ’ ???

No, plastic Ann, not glass (even some wine are sold in plastic bottle, but not ready for that yet !)

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Perhaps, it’s a plastic container from the bakery section?


Yes !!! Well spoted Mary ! This is the reflection of it on our red glass table. Would someone would kindly give us another clue ?


I’m ready for another intriguing picture puzzle. Very creative idea, Babeth! :bouquet::+1::grinning:


Not so much what but who is this actor as a young lad ?

Hummm, the picture’s name is young B, so I suppose it’s start with a B ? English actor ?

Richard Burton Pete?

Surname starts with a ‘B’ but he’s not British.

He made loads of films and was among other things, a good tunneler…

Charles Bronson

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It is Dan, well done.

The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, The Magnificent Seven, Death Wish and much more.

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I really have no idea, a clue would help…

Foliage of some kind?

Yes it is vegetal

Is it a close-up of a cactus ?

The right picture looks like it might be the very clean roots of something.

No, not a cactus and not roots