What is living in Nontron like?

Hello All,
We are looking to moving from Canada to Nontron and were wondering if there is anyone on the forum living in this general area? We are trying to find out what living in the area is like.

Hello Martin and welcome to the Forum.

I am intrigued about why you have decided on Nontron, when you seem to know nothing about it ???

From my visits to the Tax Office there, I can tell you that the locals seem friendly and it is a pleasant town to wander round. Nice cafés and good restaurants.

It has a lot going on as you will see from the following links:



I confess this was my first thought as well.

I assume that you found a house that you fell in love with?

Thanks for the responses. Nothing is a strong word Stella :slight_smile: . Of course we know about it and have been there/ did all the usual research, but input from other expats is always a valuable way of getting deeper into the day to day life of living there- information you can only get from people who live in a place and you cannot get from being there on vacation. And yes Paul, we did find a house we really like and checks all ( or at least most) of all the boxes. We found it a pleasant Town with all the necessary services, plenty of food shopping opportunities, things to do with visiting friends etc. What you mentioned Stella about the tax office and them and the other locals being friendly is already a good point. We have not lived there for any length of time, so we really do not know how the Winters are in the area- the only info on that is from France Meteo and other statistical data. We both speak French, so language for us is not really a major issue.

Winter can be quite damp. We live about 5km outside Nontron. The cinema there shows a good range of films-including some in English ( as does Marthon about 20 mins. away) The lake at St Estephe is about 10 mins. away-lovely walk round it. Doctors surgery-although 2 doctors have left recently-and they have clinics run by other specialists from Angouleme on various days. We’ve always found everyone very friendly and helpful-even the people in the tax office!!


Can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

Thanks Sue! Much appreciated! Damp is OK for a Winter. Ours right now last about 6 months and we get a lot of snow. We left here in mid June and it was still 9 degrees( celsius)…

As a neighbour ssid-we’re in the Perigord Vert and the way it gets to be “vert” is because it rains a lot in winter. However summer can be very hot-just had 2 weeks of mid 30 upwards.

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Beg pardon, Martin… but your brief post did get me wondering… :wink:

Now, I realise you know the place a bit already - and if you have found a house you really like there, that is great news. Your home is so important. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

We found a house we really liked and only after moving over did we discover what a little gem of a village we had stumbled into. :hugs:

Martin - it is great that you both speak French. You will be able to join in all the local activities without the apprehension which sometimes folk do feel if they are not au fait with the language.

We had a couple of québécois visit our village a short while ago and I remarked to a French friend that, I had heard that québécois spoke “correct” French. Ha ha… that got the conversation swinging back and forth.

We ended up offering them refreshments in what they referred to as “City Hall”, since our local bar is closed for alterations.

(wasn’t you by any chance, was it ??) :upside_down_face::thinking::relaxed::relaxed:

No problem Stella😀. I guess that is usually the way it works- you visit the places/ do your research/ find a house, but only if the house is right , the place can be right. It is always a bit of a challenge, but also an adventure of sorts.

The great thing about Nontron and environs is that you don’t need to learn French…

That many expats!?:grin: Oh well, if French doesn’t work we will try English, Dutch or German

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I speak French when I visit Nontron… you will not be alone :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Me too Stella.

Hi… We live about 10 km from Nontron, and it is a beautiful town… Good shops, supermarkets, even a very handy secondhand/liquidation stock(everything!)warehouse hidden away (very useful!) everyone is friendly, extremely helpful agree with that and especially At the tax office(yes… Delightfully shocked after UK!). Winter is damp but as said. Its very green!.. Beautiful small towns around, gorgeous countryside little pubs and bars stashed away…piegut Market is all year round and very popular thru summer All in all Nontron area is a great choice… We certainly love it!.. Enjoy your adventure! :wink:

Hi I live at Brantôme and go to Nontron quite often. Where is the liquidation warehouse please?

Thanks Stuart- that is great to hear. We saw that there were quite a few supermarkets(3) and so close to one another. Shops and bakeries. Interested in the little pubs and bars in the countryside- sounds like a good reason for some exploring. We will see if your offer gets accepted and we can become part of the community in and around Nontron☺

Hello Stuart and welcome to the Forum.

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Its up next door to the Post office delivery offices… Turn left Between lidl and bricolage road on left… About 400 metres on right… White warehouse building… :wink:

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