What is really going on on SFN

*Pops head round corner waving white flag*

First of all Bryan, I removed that particular post and commented elsewhere on the site (to the person in question) as to why I had removed it. In my opinion it was plain hostile and we will not stand for it.

As far as 'policing' SFN goes, up until now we have had very little need to do so. This has been (largely) due to treating people like adults and letting them self-police but as is always the case in any group, a tiny minority are capable of spoiling it for the majority.

James and I cannot be everywhere all the time and we are therefore, very appreciative of those members who not only bring issues to our attention, but who also those who deal with stuff on our behalf. Andrew Hearne is an excellent example of someone who always responds sensibly and Sheila Walshe also goes out of her way to provide positive, useful information and support. There are loads more of you but if I thank you all individually now, this will turn into an Oscar acceptance speech! Tracy, Suzanne, Gina, Nick, Finn, Miles, Annette, Sandy, Neil, Ron and the rest of you, you know who you are!

Equally, I find it quite distasteful that on the rare occasions when we are too tied up with other issues to devote ourselves to SFN 24 /7 , a minority of members have used the opportunity to "rant" and launch personal attacks.

Those of you who know me personally or well via SFN, will know that for the last month as well as working outside the house full time, plus continuing with regular freelance work, I have been hobbling around on crutches and will appreciate just how stretched we have both been in terms of time and energy. And this has had an impact on the tone of the site. There is no doubt about it.

And yes, regarding something that was mentioned in Brian's original post, SFN has now become a commercial going concern BUT and this is a very big but, we should all perhaps remember that it was started altruistically to help the numerous people who had contacted me as a result of my blog and property features. This concept of help and support remains our guiding principle and we will have no hesitation in binning members who can't (as my granny would have said) "keep a civil tongue in their head".....

Right, I'm going to have a Friday night glass of something and suggest you all do the same. Now go and read about tax reforms Chin Chin

Fair do, time to pull the brake lever. I do not think the FB stuff is what we might want to see. Just a guess. Take it easy and watch messrs Birks and Milne fall back in line. Good night!

Would all Chiselbury School alumni on this site please virtually report to Catharine to do ratings on her smacking standards immediately!

A picture of the late Jimmy Edwards in full Whacko garb incorporated in the logo perhaps.


OMG I thought you were talking metaphorically, but virtual bum smacking warrants a stand alone site.


If there is a demand... As you know James is all about the traffic so if we have to set up live spanking sessions on skype - so be it :)

Dirty old (well not as old as me) men group pending?

eerrm, what exactly do you have to do to have your bum smacked? just a query, out of interest really.

Not a bad idea actually Catherine, perhaps you should create a 'naughty corner' where people are sent to, not allowed to post for a week or until they have apologised!!

Some people who behave like children, deserve to be treated as such!

Thank you one and all! There were a couple of posts where people got unnecessarily personal with other members and as I wasn't on line enough to smack bums / send people to the naughty corner it escalated...Which then spoils it for everyone else. No one wants to log on to a bitch fest!

Should have got to bed by now, but just wanted to join the throng of supporters. I didn't see the original post wot started it, but I think SFN is a great forum and I recommend it whenever appropriate (this evening on FB, for example). Keep up the good work, keep smiling, keep quoting your granny, and keep off the leg - thanks for all your hard work! Rx

È niente amico, buona notte!

Grazie mille Brian ma è veramente troppo! Buona notte ;-)

Mon dieu, Andrew oozes sense and is incredibly informative. My OH and I are grateful for some of the things he has drawn attention to. Round of applause I think!

Hi Catharine, just stumbled across your post, rather late as I'd stopped following the original. Very well said and, not the first time, well done to both of you for such an excellent, friendly and informative site. There are loads of really nice genuine people here, it's the only site I participate in because it is soooo different to what I saw elsewhere when I had a quick look round - keep up the good work ;-)

PS Thanks also for putting my name up there in lights (and to others for their comments - I'm only to pleased to help when I can) - I'm going to print the article and send it to my Dad, it's the first time anyone's ever complimented me by saying I'm sensible (see profile photo!)

Bon week-end à toutes et à tous

Catharine and Nick can have a skiers' 'Limp In' at which we all have to go out and damage something out of sympathy. Oh no, my head as usual!

I have just returned form a weeks skiing in Austria - except after day 1 I did'nt ski because i slipped on the ice on the way to the first night apres ski and cracked a rib or two. So i was made grandchildren's in -house baby sitter for 5 days of Dafalgan and warm milk (hope i didn't mix up who got what!), whilst the rest of family had wonderful skiing - so personally not too happy with life for the week - But have returned to SFN to cheer me up and as usual it is a good pick-me-up. I'd like to join the felicitations to our excellent hosts - well done and "nec aspera terrent" .

Catherine and James, as I have said before, what you have created is wonderful.It has given me advice, amusement and a feeling of connection with other people in a similar situation to ourselves. I can't compare SFN to any other forums, because, having found it, I couldn't see the need to look elsewhere.

The vast majority of us behave ourselves and I know it pleased me to be able to help and give accurate advice with the question of changing your marriage regime when you buy a house in France. It is so useful to have people like Finn and Andrew, who so generously share their far superior knowledge and experience, thank you both.

We were out to dinner last night, so I am just in the process of catching up, but lots of luck with your recovery, I am sure we all wish it to be speedy and straightforward.xx

Mediation and leadership is key in co-ordinating a Forum such as this...3500 disparate folk could never organise themselves, it is a fact of life. I cannot begin to imagine the mammoth task of keeping it all fresh, the administration, capital investment, the constant striving for new and innovative technologies to improve the users experience, and above all the will to develop the facility whist being 'on tap' virtually 24/7.

Brian, as usual, very well put. And I agree with Valerie too. The "danger" with the written word is that an off the cuff remark can be taken out of context, and no amount of "smileys" will help. I joined SFN because I wanted help and support, and just as importantly, wanted to contribute and help others when I could.

Well, that's my tuppence worth, for now.