What is your favorite French expression?

What is your favorite French expression? That that you have heard and it fitted the moment. Don’t always need the moment, just to know it fitted.

Mine is:

L’argent: c’est comme la confiture. Moins que ils’en ont, plus qu’ils l’étalent.

'Il y a deux solutions....' Whenever one discusses any work with an artisan.

I've had enough of this..I'm going on a bender

Tell them all to get stuffed...

... and I've currently got another friend in France complaining on FB about the inconsiderate way Google sticks things in his inbox.

Lack of Vaseline, I think.

Endemic at the moment, it would seem

the Fr*nch don't even have a word for double entendre

En effet, I did....oooo

En effet, Ron left himself wide-open for that...

(Sorry Ron :-)

What a beachy comment! ;-)

Serves you right for bending over in all the dodgy places, Ron... ;-)

just about had my fill of French Seamen, thank you very much

Pas mal le "Hello Sailor", Kent...quite clever, voir 'subtil'...how about(speaking of the Brits and other étrangers)....."Il parle le français comme une vache espagnole!"

Being a sci-fi freak, I'm a fan of "Stargate Atlantis" amongst others. Teal'c is always saying "en effet" but, like most of us that have a habitual word or phrase, he's unaware that he does it. Until:


Mine is "en principe" which means "in theory". The french use it a lot!

In theory used in describing what is supposed to happen or be possible, usually with the implication that it does not in fact happen : in theory, things can only get better; in practice, they may well become a lot worse.

Oh la vache!

Hi Heather: bee's knees = business - says the man who's eMail edress is catzwhiscas. Prefer the mutt's nuts myself - but this is supposed be french expressions - right?


I was in a blues band in Normandie called "The Cat's Whiskers" and was forever having to explain it - along with "bee's knees" and "dog's bollox"

So, what are the French equivalents? Suggestions?

Loved the Eddie Izzard, thank you for it. 'Sucrer les fraises' is used in our circles for those with alchohol lacking shakes....and there's also having fun with pronunciation "I have a sore neck" gets close to "I have a sore arse."

My aging Dad loved saying to the district nurse who looked after him here in France before he died ' Merci beau cul' with a twinkle in his eye !!

The motto of the French Naval Academy:

À l'eau; c'est l'heure...

(Say it aloud ;-)

Impeccable - with the emphasis thus: ammmpeckaaabl

Que le ministère de la santé arrête de nous barbouiller les carreaux. Politely to pull the wool over our eyes.