What rights does the Carte de Séjour give you in the rest of EU?


I have my Carte de Séjour so I was wondering what does it give me in the rest of the EU? Can I work, settle in the other 26 states, etc? Similar to French citizen rights?

No. It just gives you residency rights in France. In every other european country you have the same rights as any other third country national.

Brexit brought to an end freedom of movement for British nationals. You are no longer european, so you no longer have the freedoms of an european…

You can travel to other european countries without needing a visa for a max of 90 days in 180. For anything else (work, study, longer time) you will need to apply for a visa in advance).


Ok. Ta.

Its French citizenship then. :slight_smile:


Has to be, really! Not a quick fix though…

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3+ years…!

On top of the 5 years residence to start with, but I imagine Gary must already have that! It’s certainly something to aim at (now if only I can crack the language qualification :thinking: )


Been here a while now but my level of French is pretty poor. However, I think I read somewhere if you get to 60 + they take pity on you and waive the language test :rofl:

Just to clear up a nagging doubt…
France being where I live…18 years now, what are my rights regarding returning to UK?
How long can I expect to stay ?
I still hold a UK passport, & as yet, have no CdS, though my application has been made 2-3 months since.

Unfortunately, @Gary_Walton that is no longer true as it changed last year, which is why I’m struggling (uphill!) to improve my French. I don’t think there is a “sighing” emoji!

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You don’t need to worry @Codfanglers ! The CdS will come through eventually, although if you live anywhere near where I do it would be an idea not to hold your breath :smiley: The Manche Prefecture is struggling valiantly on with very limited resources.

Regarding going back to the UK - that was actually covered specifically in the recent British Embassy Outreach meeting, where they said that, with a permanent CdS. which is what you will have, you can go back to the UK for up to 5 years without it affecting your residency. However, I’d like @JaneJones to confirm that as she was “at” that meeting too and my notes are somewhat scrappy when we got to that part.

Additional comment on that one - the 5 year CdS allows you to go back to the UK for up to 6 months in any one year

Does anyone know if you can use these new cards for international travel in the Schengen zone?
I asked at the prefecture when I had my fingerprints taken but they didn’t know.

Thank you for that.
I’m not the least bit up to speed with any of it.
My question was because, once all this virus malarky has subsided a little ; & Brexit is, what’s the word I’m searching for…? Settled ? Would I be able to spend time in UK, without having to return to France within a few weeks, or few months.
I’ve no particular desire to live in UK, but in recent months my circumstances, & ultimately my future look very much like they have, or are about to change.

As Angela says, that’s no longer the case. You have to have a diploma or certificate to show you are at B1 level. But that’s not that high, you don’t have to be fluent just to be able to carry our normal daily conversation. And manage the interview in French.

You can use these practice tests to see where you stand

I think for people whose French is not brilliant then possibly the bigger hurdle might be proving integration.


They are not ID cards, although biometric, just permits. You might get away with it, but also you might not…

And yes with a 10 year permanent card you can leave for up to 5 years.

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Thanks Jane - I thought I’d heard right but it was my second glass of wine at that point…

Yup but there is a written part too and they take the lowest score from the 4 sections - in my case B1 - to give you the overall mark. So I just scraped in with a B1 despite getting C1/2 in the other parts. So get practising your dictée and essay writing skills if you want to sit the exam!

It’s more the travel between EU member states that interests me. I can drive between them without any controls and I would like to find out if I can fly between them with the same freedom.

Oh yes, I remember that hurt! You were obviously robbed…
Thankfully I did the DELF years ago when my mind was still agile, and they have no expiry date. Not sure I’d want to do it again now!

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Not at all sure I could do it now either. Wish I’d had a go years ago but hindsight is a wonderful thing :frowning:

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