Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Bill Morgan) #1

Just to share ideas, lend inspiration :thinking:,What are you having for Dinner tonight? Madam is making a lasagne, sounds ok to me :yum:

(Mandy Davies) #2

We’re having the other half of yesterday’s roast chicken. Not sure what with yet but I’m thinking maybe some chips for a treat :yum: :yum:

(Jane Williamson) #3

The other day I bought a chicken at a reduced rate and was then surprised to be taken out to lunch.
I poached the chicken before I went out and the next day I made a chicken and mushroom bake, which lasted two days.
I used some of the chicken for a cantonese rice for lunch and still have some meat left.
We eat at lunch, not dinner.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Great post! I love these type of questions- satisfies my innate nosiness!
I’m not sure what we are having but it is going to be (loosely) based around a butternut squash and there have been a few Andean type recipes in the Guardian recently that have inspired me to attempt something (vaguely!) similar.
Watch this space…!

(Mandy Davies) #5

I’ve never been able to get into the habit of a big meal at lunchtime. It just makes me want to sleep all afternoon. :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

(stella wood) #6

Us too… normally at midday…

Today was Sausage Toad… with broccoli and spinach… the yorkshire was so big, there was no need for potatoes as well… :relaxed: OH had a siesta and I got a summons to go up the road… :upside_down_face:

(Mandy Davies) #7

Oh how exotic :open_mouth:

I think we may need to see a picture of that Catharine.

(Catharine Higginson) #8

Ha ha ! My photography and presentation skills always leave a LOT to be desired ! Now James, on the other hand makes Gordon Ramsay look a bit sloppy…
My food always tastes great but does tend to look like something the cats have been at! But I will try…

(Harry Fawcett) #9

cheese and ham tosties

(Bill Morgan) #10

Chips, Mandy, do you do ‘carry oots’ I am rationed in this Hoose :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Jane Jones) #11

Home made brandade …flavoured with some wild garlic that we found peeping through when we were out walking today.

(Bill Morgan) #12

Salt cod, brandade Jane???

(Mandy Davies) #13

If you can get here for 8pm I’ll have them all wrapped and ready for you :grin: :grin:

We don’t have them often either so it’s a real treat.

(Jane Williamson) #14

I baked a butternut squash the other day, and filled it with couscous, mushrooms, onion, herbs , the cooked butternut and blue cheese, with a blue cheese topping.

(Jane Jones) #15

Salt cod and spuds mushed up with olive oil, wild garlic and shallots… (oh and then baked in oven so nice brown top)

(anon64861675) #16

We got up very late and rushed to the Fisc without eating, so had three home-grown eggs each, fried, on walnut bread toast when we got home. It’s unlikely we shall eat anything tonight, unless possibly some mango sorbet from the freezer.

On the way home from the Fisc I bought a half-kilo of bourguignon to make a very hot beef curry tomorrow, using Patak’s proprietary phal paste, it’s fiery hot, but never too hot for our taste; we shall probably add more chilli. It’s a lazy way, but Indian spices are hard to come by here, and we’ve used up all we brought with us. Red onion and tomato salad on the side. Lime pickle.

(Harry Fawcett) #17

quick easy and everyone loves them apart from my french son who hates cheese (apart from cathedral city mature cheddar)

(Mandy Davies) #18

I love eggs. Probably my favourite thing to eat. Most mornings I have 2 boiled eggs or a fried egg sandwich on special occasions :wink:

We had a lovely homemade curry on Friday and Saturday. We don’t like it as hot as you though! I’m surprised you can’t find the spices you need. We are fortunate to have a Vietnamese supermarket about half an hour away so can get most spices fairly cheaply but if I can’t get there then all the supermarkets near me have whole and ground spices. Also, lots of companies now selling spices online.

(Catharine Higginson) #19

That sounds amazing - thank you for the idea as we get them from the Amap quite regularly and I hadn’t thought of that!

(Catharine Higginson) #20

Running late tonight due to teaching until 6 and then having to collect the not so small son and feed the horse but we are underway…!