What's Your Favorite Summer Snack?

Summer is hot. I love to have a cup of cold beer and roast at night. Really refreshing! They make me feel how wonderful the life is, lol.

What about you?

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BBQ Cote de Bouef with home made Aioli (not really a snack but hey!)


We don’t really have snacks, but a salad of blue cheese, walnuts, croutons and avacado with a walnut dressing.

You just reminded me of that classic Faulty Towers episode!

Don’t know about a ‘snack’ exactly but things dipped in mayo eg cold roast chicken, crudités. The only thing is the mayo has to be home-made about 10 minutes before you eat it - if you think making mayonnaise is hard then think again, it was the job for whichever of my children was too little to be trusted carrying glasses etc to the table.

Plug in stick mixer, into the tall glass-like bowl that came with it put in this order:
A clove of garlic
A good pinch of salt
Some black pepper
The juice of a lemon
A teaspoonful of mustard
(Swish it around so the salt dissolves)
A whole egg, no messing about separating it
About 30cl of oil

Now put the stick mixer to the bottom of the bowl, switch it on and bring it up and down about half a dozen times. It may need fewer. You should have lovely mayonnaise. Add capers, add anchovies, add herbs, add a bit of piment d’Espelette, whatever you like.

(Yes, obviously, you could faff around with an egg yolk in a soup plate whisking with a fork and dribbling the oil in, as I used to when it was my job as a tiny child, for what seemed forever, but actually life is too short and hooray for a bit of modern technology…)


I was not trying to describe the salad as a sort of snack, as it is a really good main meal dish.
It is a favourite summer dish and so easy to make. Make your own croutons by putting cubes of bread in one of the plastic supermarket bags and add enough olive oil to cost them. Shake the bag well and then bake the croutons on a baking sheet at 200 degrees for ten minutes. Lovely.

Anything that goes with beer, or forget the snack and just another beer :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

Giant Coeur de Bouef tomato, sliced across the centre. Plenty of salt, balsamic vinegar. Then a few anchovies, walnuts, a little feta and some chopped basil crumbled across the top and finally a drizzle of olive oil. Fresh bread to dip the juices. Double-yum.

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Must be yummy.:grin:

Salad is perfect for summer! I usually have salad for dinner.


Your recipe sounds delicious. Tomato is refreshing.

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You’ve made a detailed recipe, got it! And I find many people like mayo.

SALADE DE LENTILLES something I regularly sit and stuff my face with and feel worthy, because, you know, LENTILS. One step away from knitting your own yoghurt.

A packet of lunor ready steamed vacuum packed lentils.
A red onion
What you need for about 30cl of good mustardy vinaigrette. Sherry vinegar is particularly good.
Chopped up parsley if you fancy it.

Mince the onion, make the vinaigrette, stir the onion in. Add the lentils (squeeze the packet gently once it is open you don’t want them squished) stir it about… Voilààààà
If you can let it sit for half an hour or so so much the better.
I see I forgot about the parsley but do you really need instructions for it? No, thought not.


Hummus bi-tahina
Chick peas either soaked overnight and cooked or bought in a tin or jar, you must be able to squash them easily between thumb and forefinger.
Tahina or you could use almond butter, roasted is nicer
Garlic olive oil salt lemon juice pepper (the usual suspects)

Bung everything in a high-sided tub/pot/mixing jug, whatever but make sure it has high sides or you’ll be picking your hummus off the walls for years.
Whizz it up. If it looks too thick put a bit of water in.


You can do the same thing with white haricot beans and indeed with kidney beans (goes a fetching shade)

If you do it with fresh broad beans and add a bit of onion, make balls and roll them in flour then fry them you get Egyptian falafel which are heaven stuffed into a bit of pita with a spoonful of chopped tomato and about a zillion times nicer than the packet falafel stuff which is apparently made of sawdust and sand. (I say apparently because I haven’t tried it, but come on, packet falafel, really…)


Stuffed vine leaves.
Go to the end of the garden and get some vine leaves.
Wash them then blanch them.
Mix up mince and minced onion and a bit of couscous or bulghur or cooked rice and a bit of ras-el-hanout and some sumac (if no sumac lemon zest will do) salt & pepper make this mixture into little sausages about as fat as your middle finger and about as long as your little finger. Get your vine leaves and put a ‘sausage’ on each one, roll them up neatly, stack them edge down in layers in an oven dish. Pour some tomato sauce over them to cover them generously (that tomato sauce you made when there was a glut last summer) failing that, bought will do. Bung in oven for an hour or so on 160°.

Eat them hot, cold, in the pot, they’ll never be nine days old.

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My needs are so simple when it’s hot and sunny I’m happy with Charentaise melon and a few fresh strawberries.

Wow… this does sound interesting… will have to give it a try…:relaxed:

We don’t really have snacks… just 3 meals a day… breakfast, mid-day and evening…but some of the ideas here could well be enjoyed as a light meal…:grinning:

We don’t eat between meals, ever, but there are 4 meals in the day: breakfast, lunch, goûter, and supper ;