What's your favourite alcoholic tipple?

Seems China and USA are the biggest clients for Cognac… personally, I’ll tip it in my coffee or tea… or drink it neat… :grin::grin:
If you imbibe… what is your preference of French Alcohol ??

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I like Cremant de Bourgogne neat or with Creme de Peche de Vigne or Griottes.

Decent Champagne, washed down with Armagnac :yum:
But a good malt is better, btw :+1:

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Peaty malt or not Bill?

A not too peaty single malt
More beer :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:



Balvine, non peaty, love it, Jura whisky peaty, love it :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw, I was told, it’s not peat, but iodine absorbed, due to the proximity of seaweed, kelp etc on the seashore, to the maturing sheds that we taste :thinking: gives me something to ponder whilst I am enjoying it:+1:

Sadly, my choice is real ale, I was brought up on it from the age of 18 months and will miss a good pint when we are living in France. Lovely artisan beers all seem too strong at over 4%.

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Nowt for me.

A perfect cup of tea is a joy.

My favourite cold drink is very very cold coke, no ice.

Hubby loves Leffe Blonde and Scottish Whisky, rather bizarrely together in the same glass with frozen lemon juice ice cubes. Yes he’s very fussy!! Sometimes, I will have the bottom of his beer bottle, about an inch, in a long glass of lemonade.

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Do You mean Balvenie Bill?
Highland Park and at the opposite end of Scotland Bowmore.

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Summer - G & T, cold beer, rose

Winter - sloe gin, red wine, cognac

Spring/Autumn - no preference

I prefer a beer when it’s hot…favourite here being Kronenberg 1664 and La Goudale…

My favourite spirit is and always has been Bacardi…don’t like any of the white rum imitations I have tried…either here or in uk…

I enjoy a glass of red wine now and again but white wine or rose or any type of cider for that matter give me indigestion…(homeopathic nux vomica at 30c brings instant relief…)

I like a splash of cognac for enriching gravy…,or added to fruit with ice cream… x :slight_smile:

No doubt Champagne, my mother was born in Reims, my great grand father was a cooper in cave Pommery, my great parents use to hide in the cave during the war. That’s a gene thing ! Can’t sadly afford it as much as I would (maybe that’s a good thing !)


I miss a decent pint too Wendy, too strong the rubbish here, a few pints of something flavoursome, thats not ‘lunatic soup’ :+1:

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Here he is, my great grand dad


The Balvenie, yes Jane, necter :yum:
My other favourite, Laphroaig, a wee bit ‘different’ :slightly_smiling_face:

My great grandad on my mom’s side was a piper in the Scottish highlands but a poor crofter…14 kids some of whom died early and most of which were sent into service in the Midlands and never saw their parents again…My mom still has photos of him and the 14 kids…not alcohol related I admit but I so love those old black and white photos…x :slight_smile:


Love that too.

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My mum used to put on a brew every 10 days, hence my being weaned on beer…


I should have a go at my own again Wendy, used to do it years ago, finished in a ‘Beer Sphere’, created it’s own gas, so poured like a proper draught beer, made a good pint! :slightly_smiling_face: