What's your tipple?

Bearing in mind that the selection is vast, I though we might swap notes on what we like.

Today we breached a BiB (bag in box) of Bordeaux Rosé, Chateau Maroy. Absolutely delicious, served chilled it is 12.5% so a couple of glasses with a meal and I should not actually burst into song… or perhaps I shall :shushing_face::crazy_face:

Of course, since this was a gift it is doubly delicious - but we shall look out for this label on shopping trips.

Château la pompe for us (just as long as its not straight from the Sein) :wink:

Wine !!! usually as long as it’s red. No, we are a little more subtle than that. I sometimes like a nice fruity French white. Mainly it is Rioja or big reds … sometimes a Cotes Du Rhone.
Winemakers such as Carlos Rodriguez, Katie Jones, Jean Pascal Lacaze, Benjamin Darnault are a few that I like.
Other than that sometimes a cool real ale hits the spot.

As a rider to my original post - we had a nice lunch and I fell asleep before I had finished my second glass of rosé :upside_down_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thankfully, I was sitting comfortably at the time… hic :joy::joy::joy:

That would be milk :laughing:

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That would be milk :laughing:

I never took @graham for a sucker or a tit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not allowed to drink much alcohol…one unit is the absolute max. So unless I want to drink out of thimbles my choice of tipple is severely modified by alcohol content. The increasing strength of a lot of wine because of climate changes has driven me nuts…

So I drink a fair bit of cerdon, as it’s local, but otherwise Italian wine when I can find it.

Domaine Michel, Quintaine Vire Clesse, it is magical.
The best Maconnais wine.

Our local Cave stocks an amazing variety of wine from the cheapest of the cheap to bottles costing the same as weekly shop. I have no major preference to any particular wine but if I had to make a choice then it would be a deep red Cahors or a crisp white Vouvray, an ice cold bierre would have to be 1664.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, a recent blood test revealed that my blood sugar was 7.2 and when my doctor questioned my alcohol intake then like us all I was perhaps economical with the truth. I went cold Turkey the following day and have been for 2 months now.
I bought a blood testing kit and now have a blood sugar level of 5.8 which I hope will be mirrored in my next official blood test.
My new favourite tipple is now Adam’s Ale, preferably sparkling and chilled or if drawn from the tap then it must be boiling hot and infused with a bag of Yorkshire Tea and a splash of semi skimmed.
I don’t miss my evening drinks which was perhaps a habit because as long as I have a glass of sparkling water by my side to sip from then my evening andlife is a content and happy one.
My wife still enjoys the occasional tipple so we shall continue to peruse the well stocked shelves of our local cave and now we buy less then perhaps we can select from the higher shelves?
Our local cave is excellent and you might have one near you? If so you should take time to visit.
We call ours Lidl.


We have friends who do not/cannot drink alcohol, so we always have a wide selection of suitable drinks in the house.
some favourites:
Pacific sensation anis (3 flavours)
Palermo Aperitif - rouge
Tourtel Twist - lemon, lime

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My current non alcoholic favourite aperitif is sans bitter with orange juice.

I really like rhubarb vodka, with tonic.

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Chase rhubarb vodka and fever tree tonic is fabulous.

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Pineau des Charentes only the Vieux by Reynac
Glass smells amazing after too


You obviously have good-taste :wink: - it is a delicious drink. :relaxed::relaxed:

i’m a bordeaux red usually but have missed Pecharment since living in Dordogne, I have seen a few recently here in Finistere and bought as and when, ranging from 5e to 10e
I had never had one under 8euros in the past that was any good (to me) but the best ive had here is from Intermarche at just under 6 euros

Another good choice. It’s worth waiting to find it at the right price and then, stock up a little.

Years ago I used to keep “favourite” bottle labels, marked with price, for when we went shopping. Nowadays, the brain has all the info and I snap up a bargain, knowing how much we will enjoy it !

Lovely without the vodka :yum:

Yes, indeed, especially the elderflower tonic

I saw the Tourtel, but, unfortunately, they contain citrus juice, which gives me problems.
The lime and elderflower sounds lovely.