When is heat hot... and what can you do about it

Leclerc nearish us is lovely and cool. If we could hide ourselves away somewhere we could also eat all their raspberry Magnums :laughing:


As long as its not the Double Caramel ones Chris, they are mine !:wink:

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Looks yummy…I’ll do some panic buying :wink:



Oh yes. The Leclerc yoghurt aisle is glorious :snowflake:

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Don’t touch :raised_hand::raised_hand::raised_hand::raised_hand: It’s MINE !:cry::cry:


Very interesting. Had to translate to English to understand it all though :wink:

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I’m determined not to moan about the heat because I hate the cold and really suffer from it and soon enough winter will set in…

I spent yesterday and today painting one of my ceilings…temperature is 33 degrees but with front and back doors open there was a breeze blowing through the house…

Also…whilst not looking forwards to winter…I started researching how to install a false ceiling in another part of the house and whether I might be capable of doing it myself…it’s insulated but the insulation is visible and today it was really annoying me…!

Must be the heat… x :smiley:

Helen… if you have only 33c and a breeze… you are in heaven IMO…

All manual work here gets done between 6am and 10am… then it’s back indoors to the comparative cool of 25/27c.

Daytime outdoor temps of 43c ( no matter what meteo says)… no respite for hour after hour… it is too much for most of the plants which have survived quite happily in past years. Farmers are thrilled for the cereal crops… but other crops fruit/vegetables etc …are suffering scorching/burning/bolting and sort of mass-murder…:wink:

Sheep are kept indoors in the comparative cool during the day… and let out onto the pastures in the evening… and I can seeing them running/bundling along so happily…they will munch overnight with the temperature drops to around 23/24c.

Folk with horses are doing much the same… no idea how the cattle are coping…

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I have been wondering if the temp is correct on my weather app…My car was registering 49 degrees yesterday and my plums are in a really sorry state…I picked about half a dozen but they seem to have just withered away on the trees…x :frowning:

The cattle round me are on open pasture but all have the shade of trees if necessary…(and sheds)…a first year herd on open pasture is being fed already which I don’t remember from last year…(nor the year before) until much later in the year…

My walnut trees seem ok so far…My apples are dropping early and turning to mush almost instantly which may prevent the wasps and hornets but I’m already thinking that a neighbour who collects my apples for cider and apple brandy may be disappointed this year…this summer seems out of synch…hazelnuts early…raspberries very poor…

I really feel for for factory farmed livestock that never see open pasture and those being transported live across borders…x :frowning:

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My cats are becoming quite fond of the fans, not in the direct line but certainly at the adge of the range.

Yes mine too. He likes to flop down on the cool wood of the coffee table with the fan on his face. Eyes closed, ears back, loves it.

You need to do as the French do … close the shutters, open the windows and have a long siesta.

My elderly agriculturist neighbour has a phlegmatic attitude towards the weather and its effects on the harvest. “Quoi qu’il arrive, quoi qu’il soit ainsi. C’est comme ça”.

I find this approach to life very appealing, and it gives me much relief.

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I roared with laughter, yesterday, when a friend told me plaintively over the phone…

"It’s so hot here in UK… we’re not used to it… we’ve got all the windows open, but the house is still stifling…what more can we do… " :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I gave him the simple answer… Shut 'em during the day and leave them open during the night…

He didn’t sound convinced, so I left him to it… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Open the windows? Why let that hot air into my cool house?

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Why do people in the UK not understand about keeping windows closed in the day? I can not convince my Mum to do this and she is really suffering with the heat.

I see clouds… I think the forecast storm is coming. :pray::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_rain::rainbow:

Hallelujah ! Your prayers have been answered Mandy, do hope that it’s not one of those big frightening storms though :thinking::sweat::sweat::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cyclone:

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