When will the UK wake up and stop giving passports

Heartbreaking to read of the deaths in the channel. the blame lies 100% with the UK government. A year or two after arrival in the UK the migrants are given an indefinite stay Visa. they can then invite a dozen or so family members to come over at our expense. A few years later they all get British Passports. They can live in France 40 years and will never get a French Passport. Why oh why is this madness continuing?

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Can I make a friendly suggestion Bazza? - Before posting, check any factual details you include with an objective, reliable source.


As Geof says, do please check the accuracy of what you have written and then edit your post to remove the falsehoods.


Two suggestions: improve and speed up the processing of people applying for refugee status, police the beaches more effectively, it was done effectively between 1940-44, though I’m not suggesting pill boxes and machine gun nests!

The core of the problem is that rightly or wrongly many of the " crossers" know they are unlikely to be given refugee status if they apply from a none uk location so they will take all the risks of small boats. They know once they are here they are likely to be returned.

I did not think it is possible to apply for asylum in the UK, from outside the UK. Is it?

The crossers…all they want is the chance to be happy and free.
They want what we have.
They are willing to die in order to achieve what they need.

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Since I doubt you will check your own facts, here is the reality:

“A year or two after arrival in the UK the migrants are given an indefinite stay Visa.”

NO. To get ILR status you need to be resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years, have passed an English language test, and a knowledge test, and have an income of £18,600 a year (more if you have children).

“they can then invite a dozen or so family members to come over at our expense.”

NO. Direct family members can apply for visas, but with no certainty of getting one, and then have to meet same test and pay around £2000 per person.3

“few years later they all get British Passports”.

NO. Getting a British Passport is not automatic. You have to apply and met requirements including a good character test and getting references. It costs around £1500 per person ans is in fact much harder to achieve than French citizenship. .


Not forgetting the UK needs cheap labour since Brexit meant many with the EU went back to their own countries.

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Yes Corona many EU people were banished because Brits wanted their country back,
Brexit was the great cry of superior beings…where did we hear this before.

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my facts are correct. I employ 2 of these people. everything I have stated is correct.

Then provide references as everything you say is not backed up by the official guidance.

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Hmmm…according to your bio…

I’m therefore not convinced that you will be in possession of entirely unbiased or accurate facts


A year or two after arrival they are lucky if their claim has even been processed. How long is the backlog?

Whatever the rights/wrongs or rules this can’t go on.

It would make sense for the UK to set up a processing centre in France so that those seeking asylum don’t have to risk their lives crossing the Channel but that’s never going to happen. Instead the UK government is planning to make illegal immigration a crime which could impact any asylum claim and in addition anyone landing on a UK beach would also face the possibility of deportation.

I do wish the media would focus on stories like this rather than whether Johnson wears a mask or makes references to Peppa Pig in a speech.

my experience of the British immigrants in France interests me. I visit Spain regularly and the British immigrants living there are quite a cheerful positive crowd. the ones living in France are different, mainly old civil servants and teachers who are mainly negative and miserable. Why they are living there puzzles me. I spend most of my time in France and enjoy it.

the length of time they wait for the visa depends on their story.

You visit your local 'spoons in France most lunchtimes? I took that to mean you lived in the UK.
Also I am intrigued on how and why when you visit a country you take the trouble to find sufficient British immigrants to make an assessment of their state of mind. When I visit other countries I am rarely aware of the presence of other Brits, the ones I do meet might be immigrants or might be visitors, but I do not go looking for them.

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I also live in London. which suits me. the people I socialise with in France are Irish and Scottish now I think of it. definitely more sociable than the English there. A shame but that’s how it is.

the French have the same opinion.

I think that says it all, the English in the Charente, as here, are obviously very choosy as to who they socialise with.