When will the UK wake up and stop giving passports

Well done her :slightly_smiling_face:

So how can you comment about the patrons or the food?

Except that you have to provide proof of your proficiency by way of a certificate at application stage - written, oral and aural comprehension… But it’s only B1, so not that high a level.

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Unfortunately, oral comprehension is my weakest area because my neighbours speak a local Occitan patois, and I only have occasional conversations in ‘proper’ bourgeois French.


I’m not sure it’s as simple as that!
My sister in law is Korean. She was in a long term relationship with brother in law for many years before they married and had a child.
The immigration process is taking years and lots of money. She’s still not allowed to work - which is the most ridiculous part of the process as she can’t even contribute to the system.

And happy to frequent the Spanish equivalent of ‘spoons’. Little Englanders by the sea?

That sounds a bit Daily mail, he has replied to accusations but those were not published.

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I find it increasingly tedious reading posts on various threads including this one that openly display animosity towards the owners/creators of the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, sports direct, PayPal and currently Wetherspoons. They grasped the nettle and have built empires that clearly people use or such empires would have failed. It could have been you in their shoes but it happens not to be.
Perhaps it’s a human nature thing to knock the successful or just simple jealousy. These people chose to exercise their entrepreneurial skills and won. They are no more or less a human than you are I and showing contempt and bitterness towards a business they have created or indeed the individual behind the business’s success is an unwelcome prejudice.


The huge irony is that UK pension funds probably hold millions of Wetherspoons shares so many on SF could well be supporting the brand indirectly, so funny. :grinning:


Or they may have ensured their investments are only in ethical funds. Haven’t you?

So what would you say about, say, slave traders? “These people chose to exercise their entrepreneurial skills and won. They are no more or less a human than you are”? That is indeed how many viewed them at the time. But is business ‘success’ in these terms any guarantee that the individuals involved are not doing harm, or shouldn’t be called out?


I would be extremely surprised if you did any other @Geof_Cox but the focus of the vast majority is to achieve the largest possible pension pot by investing in whatever gives the best return. Once that fund is turned into a pension for life then to think that your pension comes from what you previously paid is folly. You have no control over how your pension provider continues to fund your pension going forward unless your pension provider is We are Green .com.

It is what happened then and history cannot be re written despite the do gooders who want to tear down statues and eradicate the past.
One of our children attended Bristol Uni which owes much of its past to the proceeds of tobacco and its association with slavery. Many who now want areas of our past ‘called out’ will have benefited, rightly or wrongly,
Not sure that any comparison can be made between slavery and today’s entrepreneurial wizards, today people have a choice to participate in the success of a business by using its services or not, slaves didn’t have that luxury.

Good summary of some of the things wrong with financialised capitalism!
But don’t get me started…

You’ve missed the point there though JohnBoy. I didn’t say the modern billionaires were like slave traders in every respect - clearly they aren’t - the analogy is between the way their contemporaries supported them, or at least turned a blind eye, and your objection to the ‘animosity’ some here express to modern billionaires, seemingly on the grounds that they are ‘successful’ and people buy their products/services. The point is that ‘success’ of this kind is not related to human decency or ethical behaviour (generally just the opposite) - so is no reason not to criticise them.

I am always interested in other people’s comments and ideas but I must ask you to withdraw you statement about how long you must be a resident here before applying for for citizenship.

From information that is on the Internet most applications for asylum in the UK are granted

It is interesting that asylum seekers only form 6% of all migrants 8 to the UK.

Further research will show that these people are not a burden on the state nor are they law breakers. I am glad they are here to payment pension but if you have problems with foreigners…

My mistake!

Please do not feed the trolls!

Load of troll bullsh!t

Well I tell a lie …I’ve been in the Three Tuns in Thirsk and the Postern Gate in York, only briefly and somewhat confirmed my perceptions, particularly regarding the food and ambiance, though I have to say I wasn’t in long enough to engage in a lot of chat.

What would have been an amazing statement if you had disagreed with your own bias. Reinforcing is just to be expected.

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