Where are you getting your fix since Brexit

The only things I miss are the occasional pint of a micro-brewery’s session bitter and Sandham’s Lancashire cheese - I think the rest of it you can keep!

Sorry, forgot wild rabbits from the butcher and pheasants at 50p each from the shoot

You can’t honestly mean that about M in the unique jar can you!

If you know someone who loves you a lot, they could get you one jar with 10€ delivery…or you could get yourself 14 jars and free delivery



ah roast Pheasant really miss that, have asked around to try and find with no success

For decades, I loved Marmite on buttery toast, but now can no longer imagine a point in the day when I"d eat it.

Although they were cheap many of the pheasants I ate in Cumbria were road kill. On the other hand probably the most expensive pheasant I ever ate was the one that flew into and then through the grill of my thirty year old classic Mercedes coupe. Ouch! - was my response - don’t know what the Merc’s and the pheasant’s was …

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That’s part of the problem, the one who loves me a lot has as started loving Marmite after years of saying “Marmite! Bofff, bahhh & eugh”, she now eats more than me!
Thanks for the link.


Sh*te is the word you are looking for :yum:

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Thanks, I may have to resort to this kind of thing as @JJones has supplied a recipe this is another I can fall back on if needs must, I’m lucky as have a microbrewery just en face de chez moi so could get the extracts for free.

I think Ms Marmitel was being ironic

Hey, come on Colin, you already said you didn’t like the food of The Gods, so play fair, or I’ll be sending you images of Marmite in your dreams. (I think I’m starting withdrawal)!!! Marmite

@Griffin36 Fait des beaux reves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For those that do not appreciate the Godly foods! My Mate Marmite, I hate Marmite adverts channel 4 1997 - YouTube

i dont’ agree with your taste at all - Vegimite is far superior :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

if you want i’ll have a look in Super u next time i’m there and see how much it is. They are only small jars and i think from memory around €3 (yes i was at one point out of Veg so had to buy some :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :rofl: ). We have a DPD and UPS (i think) drop off point in the village as well as a post office so if you look at their sites you could work out what postage would be!

I am sure I have seen the god forsaken stuff here as well, if it is I will get my BH to get some for you as I would not like my reputation to be sullied by being seen or associated with a jar myself :yum:

You can usually find it in the foreign foods sections of the Intermarchés down here on the 47/82 border.

There’s often a bunch of Heinz products such as Baked Beans and Sandwich Spread as well.

We got two dozen tins of HP beans from the corner shop yesterday thankfully as we were down to our last tin :flushed::scream_cat:

Marmite is also available in Leclerc but supply is sporadic.

I found one in Carrefour - their own brand Dijon - but look for the Forte Fin on the label. Quite good.