Where are you getting your fix since Brexit

Before Christmas, I put in an order for a few bits & bobs from The British Corner Shop, one of the items I wanted was Marmite, out of stock.
Since January and all the Brexit / Customs / VAT etc, I’ve looked at a few sites here in France & can find Marmite but the price & postal costs are high, for 3 8oz jars @ 7.75€ (which is expensive p/jar) is 23.25€ postage 7.99€.
So the question is who’s dealing in Marmite in France @ reasonable price for a score?

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Just got my food parcel from the corner shop today, ordered 20th December, DPD has been spanked and sent to the naughty step for making a mess of Brexit deliveries, thankfully DHL have delivered the goods.

It’s been like Xmas all over again unpacking the big box :hugs::sunglasses:

As far as marmite is concerned your on your own, devils own food, horrible nasty smelly stuff :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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Our local SuperU always has Marmite. Small jars though so if you are an addict, it might not be good enough…

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The local hyper U has those disgusting jars…and an assortment of other foreign products from around the world that I find fascinating to work out what market the buyer was targeting. Marmite, Matzos and Mateus Rose are three things among the “M’s”

I am interested to know if there is a strong flavour mustard available in France, similar to an English Mustard, but French - does it exist?

Moutarde brune…if you get powdered moutard brune and jaune, and mix them it’s a close match.

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Marmite food for the gods (sorry Colin and Jane J) and Colmans Mustard on the shelves in our Super U in 22 (northern coastal tourist area) but not in the next nearest one in 29. But jars aren’t big and expensive… but not at Morrisons prices !!!

That takes me back.

So I’ve so far found 2 people that don’t like, 1 that hasn’t said if they like it or not & 1 that shares my opinion, “Marmite food for or of The Gods”, but have access to this Godly stuff! I doubt that I’ll find a Super U in my area (which are very few) with this most sacred of foods.
Come on SF’ers I’ll be in withdrawal in a couple of weeks! Pls help you don’t want a suffering Wozza on this forum :pleading_face: :broken_heart:


That takes me back.


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That takes me back.

Best way to make real English mustard is with Colmans power mix with water and splash of vinegar…always superior and hotter than jar of ready made…what will customs make of it.?

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I’ll be off to town in about 10 days…so can arrange supplies as long as I don’t have to touch or smell it. Or you could become self sufficient…

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I would send you a couple of jars but at €5+a jar and postage it’s an expensive luxury. Some friends bought us supplies in Sept including Marmite XO…thats extra aged, with deeper taste. Very good.

Remember it well John.

Sorry, couldn’t resist it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Are you sure you’ve enough?

Good for 12 months with luck

Thank you very much for the recipe Jane.
I may be a bit of a whizz in the kitchen but I’m not at that stage/need to be fabricating Erzatz Marmite at the mo in place of the real Mccoy. But I’ll keep this if needs be… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thank you for this kind offer to supply, let me know the size of the jars & what they would roughly cost to post :heart:

AHHHH!!! You Blighter!!! I can’t cope!

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I’ll take you up on your kind offer what size are the jars?

Depends if they are empties !
Can’t of course get XO in France, not common in UK either.
Anybody ever given it to a French local to try…after all they wanted me try
Andouillette …disgusting and I love kidneys, liver, cheek, and black puddin’