Where do you get your vitamins?

Boo Hoo. No more Boots Chemist online. No more Holland & Barrett.

I get mine from the food I eat. That way, no more expensive urine going down the pan


and D3 on prescription from my nephrologist…

Apart from vit D, which I can’t retain so need to supplement, I make sure I eat enough of the right foods for a full range of mineral and vitamins.

Think of a mineral/vitamin, look at what foods contain it and in what quantity, and eat.

Edit…possibly curcumin would be an exception to this rule.

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I’m just about to try this French company for some Ashwagandha - good value and 3 for 2 for new clients.

For magnesium / B / D multis as well as low carb cooking stuff (chia seeds etc) I use Bulk (previously Bulk powders). If your French isn’t great you can look at the UK site to work out what you want to order. They do excellent sales too! I’ve been really impressed with the quality and the postage costs and times.


I do see what you are saying however that is very simplistic and maybe fine for 100% healthy people but not always true. For example magnesium is now depleted from the soil so very hard to get in food. The difference to my stress / mental health / cramps and sleep when I started taking it was unbelievable. As a woman I find B12 very, very useful as well in terms of energy etc. My husband has Fibro Myalgia and part of this is poor absorption of Vitamin D so even in Oz his levels were crazy low so he needs to take supplements just to even get near the bottom of the low range. So yes in an ideal world we’d not need them and great that you don’t but personally I feel much better taking a few, carefully chosen and tested for efficacy on my body, supplements.


Oh and iron, I have very heavy periods (sorry TMI!!) so would need to eat a cow or something every month to even attempt to keep my iron levels OK.

Yes iron could be an exception to the rule too, especially if not a meat eater or oyster lover…but we grow our own veg in very healthy soil so no worries about things like magnesium.


Same here Tory. I take a lot of iron and my levels are still low. I’m sure you already know this but things like milk (dairy generally), tea and coffee can reduce iron absorption so the advice I’ve had is to not take your iron tablets within an hour of eating/drinking these things.
I eat a lot of fruit and veg plus healthier proteins as I’m attempting to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and lose a bit of weight. I do, however, have a multivitamin every evening with my dinner.
Izzy x

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I recently bought a 365 tablet pack of multivitamins from Amazon.

I think its important to separate the clinical low in this or that from the general multivitamin general non clinical diagnosis.

Brand name? Hope not Chinese rip off!

I don’t think they are Sweet & Sour here: Link

My wife gives them to me in the morning.


Why when there are so many independant options for this particular thing!

Time & cost

I get that, I do but honestly doesn’t take a mintue to find another site and they are often just as cheap! Not a go at you at all Mat, just one of my pet hates - bloody American companies!

Tax reasons:

Environmental reasons:

Scary trying to take over everyones lives tech reasons:

Demise of open film reasons (I think this one is terrible and they shouldn’t be allowed to buy them!)

and just looking at the dates that’s just the last month :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, magnesium helps my wandering legs at night.
Th e Ashwaghanda which is a form of ginseng has totally transformed my life. I have so much more energy and I feel much more positive.
We eat a very balanced diet and I cook from scratch every day. We also have our own eggs and grow many of our veg and fruits.
As Tory says we are all different and I would love not to have been the way I was for so long.

I’m just about to try this French company for some Ashwagandha - good value and 3 for 2 for new clients.https://www.dieti-natura.com
Merci bien Tory (that’s not Tory as in)
Ab.Fab! Just ordered a pile of stuff. Even if supplements are as useful as a chocolate chisel tant pis I FEEL as if they it’s called the feelgood factor.

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Healthspan, have regular repeat orders. Very reasonable, and good postal rates. Been using for 20 years.