Where to buy fuel oil?

Bonjour community.

I need to buy some oil for the heating system and being new to France I’m unsure of the best/most reliable option. I’ve seen plenty of suppliers such as fioulmarket, fiolureduc and so on. They all have many terrible reviews which puts me off. There are also the supermarkets, Carrefour, E.LeClerc and so on. Then we have the big boys like TotalEnergies. Prices I have seen so far are not hugely different (super expensive and very volatile of course) but I’m more concerned about actually getting the stuff within a week or so.

I’m seeking input from those who have current experience buying heating oil please.

Many thanks

We buy ours via the Mairie… they ring around the neighbours, then place a bulk order with a supplier in the nearest town and households take delivery, (generally the next week) pay direct on the day, and benefit from discounted/bulk price. (…been doing this for years)

Perhaps your neighbours can advise what is best in your own area…

I believ Auchan is a good supplier, but they are too far from us…


We buy our fioul ordinaire from our village, family owned garage. Being a two minute walk away is convenient and they keep their prices competitive. Same day delivery (one day, the tanker beat OH back to the house as he headed for home after ordering and paying :rofl: As Stella suggests, ask your neighbours or the Mairie. It’s good wherever possible to support the local businesses.

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Another vote for checking with Marie if you live in a smallish commune, or asking neighbours.

If that fails then look on Fioulmarket for cheapest and nearest supplier and phone them directly!

As above, we just asked our neighbours and they told us the name of the local supplier

We always use our local independent supplier who is very competitive on price. He has to live in this community as well, and so takes care not to rip people off.

Yes my neighbour did the same, ditched LeClerc after years with them and went with the independent from the next village, he was a lot cheaper as less distance to come.

Thank you everyone for your experiences, they are all very useful and I shall try the various options to see what is available here.

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There’s also this alternative: https://www.fioulmoinscher.fr/

I use fioul moins cher to get an idea of price then order from our local supplier which is always cheaper.

You might like to have a look at this