Where to buy insulin in France?


I am traveling to france for a few months and I am a type 1 diabetic, so I will need to buy Humalog and Lantus insulin pens.

Does anyone know of a common chain pharmaceutical store, which is located in all of France where I could get them?

And something very important, do I need a prescription to buy them in France and in that pharmacy?

They look something like this.


I’m not a diabetic but I would have thought a prescription was needed. You can make an appointment with a GP and get them to give you a checkup and prescription. You’ll have to pay of course,

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Hello Stanley and welcome to the forum.

I believe we have some members who have knowledge of diabetes… hopefully someone will come back to you soon.

by the way… which country will you be coming from ???

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Glargine and Humalog should be available without any difficulty - but you will need a prescription (ordonnance).

If in France “for a few months” you would need to make sure you have healthcare provision anyway.


You need a prescription, they are widely available and the box of 5 you showed above will cost about €45. Someone in the French system would be reimbursed a minimum of 65%. We don’t really have chain chemists.


You need to ask your UK doctor to give you a cross-border prescription, which you fill at any pharmacy. The only chains are parapharmacies and they don’t provide prescribed drugs. Or if you are over here for three months or less bring them with you - you can get big enough cool bags.


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Interesting - I didn’t know you could do that

Pity that you won’t be able to after the end of the year.

Hi Stanley, not the real Stanley Kubrick are you? The famous film director? If not that’s a very unusual name!


Maybe his or her real name is Barry Lyndon. Or Clark Work-Orange. Or something else entirely.

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I think that Stanley died


This is very helpful, thank you!

I should be less cynical, I know, but Stanley Kubrick? Honestly?



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Please can you tell us a little about yourself…
I’ve already asked which country you will be coming from… and I’m intrigued to know why you are coming… Holiday or Work…???

cheers :relaxed: :relaxed:

Surely it’s up to each person to provide as much or as little info as they wish? He had a genuine query, so that’s enough isn’t it?

I get your point @JaneJones but there is no point in mentioning prescriptions from the UK if the OP comes from elsewhere… :thinking:


And also if you use a pseudonym,which I am not saying he is, use one less obvious

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True ‘nuff…:deer::racehorse::spider_web:

For what it’s worth…

“departing country” will play a major part in what the OP can and cannot do… re medications etc… they are all so different.
eg what can be transported in cool bags… verboten in some situations I believe… :upside_down_face:

and the scenarios of Holiday and Work… are very different and throw up different Health/Medical Insurance needs/means

Had I asked for shoe size or favourite colour… that, I agree, might get me verbally smacked… :crazy_face:

Perhaps we are all finally succumbing to coronavirusitis… :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Hi Stella!,

Cheers, Sorry, I couldn’t really reply to anyone until I could grab my computer.

Well, I’m originally from Spain, but I’m traveling from the united states because I live over here.

I do have a medical insurance, that of course on the policy covers me in any foreign country for a good amount, in case of any emergency I’ll be taken out of it and sent back to where I live

I’m just going to visit around, to check on some friends, I have acquaintances and friends in both Paris and Bordeaux, and the south of France too, and I plan to visit them all.

My name it’s Oscar, not too far away from Stanley Kubrick I honestly didn’t knew I had to use like my legitimate name and surname

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