Where to buy paint?

Apologies if this is a bit mundane, but I wonder if anyone can suggest a decent supplier of decorating supplies, particularly paint. We are in 61, about an hour from Leroy Merlin’s but looked to try our local Brico Marche, only to find it was now Brico Cash and didn’t sell Dulux paint. (I believe the Valentine stuff is not the same as UK Dulux?) we have a Farrant&Ball stockist in Argentan, but trying to afford that would be a bit like my school scholarship chances: “Not in prospect!” Short of doing a Bovril run to Portsmouth, anyone have any ideas?

We have recently tried paint from Action. Very limited colour range but good thick paint at 13 euros for 10 litres.

I like to use ‘Tollens’ if you can find that that you though it is not cheap. If you make it to Leroy Merlin then I find ‘Luxens’ very acceptable. I do not subscribe to the war cry that decent paint cannot be found in France.


Wow… nice to find someone else who likes the paint from Leroy Merlin… :relaxed:

Thank you so much for these posts. Our local DIY places are not too thrilling on the paint front and although I have been to Leroy Merlin (also about an hour away!) I’ve never looked at the paint. It takes us forever to get round to things so there are quite a few areas of the house that desperately need painting. I shall schedule a trip to Leroy Merlin!

Thankyou to everyone for this extremely helpful information- true survival stuff!

Bricodepot now have leyland trade paint, limited range but 40 euros for 10 l tub , I’m painting a wooden ceiling this week and 2 coats is covering it, I recommend it.


I used Dulux brought from U.K. For a long time. Found that it the painted surface went moldy after some time.

I then started using Dulux Valentine kitchen and bathroom paint for all surfaces. It’s a washable paint. No mould or problems and you can wipe off fly debris. It’s not cheap but the time taken (and cost) for redecorating must be considered.

I think far too many people diss Bricodepot. It’s not all “cheap as chips” stuff - some of it is very good quality.

I totally agree Graham. I buy considerable amounts there and am always happy. That said after years of buying for self and clients I generally know what to avoid.
I generally call there first and if not satisfied move on to Leroy Merlin who offer a far greater choice. Their prices for the ‘basics’ are in line with Brico Depot.

Have to disagree with your comment on Luxens as even the french prefer not house it but Tollens is OK

Thick Paint doesn’t mean that its good!

Always remember that Dulux Valentine is not the same as Dulux in the UK, as its an offshoot of Akzonobel who also own Dulux in the UK but Valentine is manufactured in France and has a black leopard on the can instead of the dog!

Example as to the difference, UK Dulux will do 16 square metres per litre whereas Dulux V will only do 10 to 12 square metres per litre as they use less pigments which its the most expensive part of the paint

Before you ask, no I do not sell Dulux lol