Where to buy postage Stamps

I know that it sounds like a stupid question, I do those, me.
Under the current restrictions all post offices in the vicinity are closed.
I have just used up our stock of stamps paying a few bills. I need to pay a few more but have no stamps left.
IIRC I can buy and print my own from La Poste, but need their blank stamp sheet to print on. So that takes me back to square one again, the nearest open Office is 30km away. That takes me beyond a reasonable distance to complete my purchases.
I can’t ask the Mairie because that closed too.

You can print your own at home via the laposte.fr site. As Stella says you need an account/login. Then you can use any paper. I use plain A4 sheets of sticky backed paper to print several stamps at a time.


A local friend… tells me he has bought and paid for stamps online via Laposte … need to open an online “personal space”/account … first.

once paid for… you can download the stamps onto ordinary paper … cut them out and stick them with glue…onto the letter, parcel…

might be worth you taking a look… :thinking:

I’ve not tried it yet…


Try your local Tabac


I have printed stamps online.
No need for special stationery.
Just print on a normal A4 and cut them out and glue them on with PVA or similar.
You can even print straight on the envelopes if your printer can handle them.

Interesting to note that there is nothing to prevent you from printing the same sheet more than once. Each stamp must have a unique identity and they can detect if it has been already used as it passes through the system. So it is a good idea to delete the file after you have printed the stamps to eliminate the possibility of printing the wrong one on a future occasion.


Or you can get pre-stamped envelopes from most supermarkets

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Useful to know that the on-line does work… as many/most folk are trying not to go out to shops or wherever… :hugs: unless really essential… I know it makes things tough for the shops… so sad.

I was told that if you leave cash with the outgoing envelope in your mail box the postie will buy the stamp for you?

We have used both approaches in the past, but postie not so keen on handling cash right now.

The online system works just fine, and you can do registered letters and parcels and all sorts. (Registered letters we just leave in our post box even tho’ it says to take to P.O.)


I just paid my bills by Banque virement. Tax de sejour, vet, water bill they all had put their Bic and Iban on the bill.

Your local tabac, I’ve got loads but seem to be the only one in town to have any and will be sold out soon! Don’t know where you are but I’m in the Tarn (Carmaux) not worh sending them to you as not a lot seems to be getting through at the moment!


Hi Andrew you replied to me but I’m not looking for stamps thank you I pay the bills through internet banking .

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Andrew replied to the thread in general I believe. Anyone that received a notification dud so because of participation in the discussion :wink:.
Around here the Tabac is in the Maison de La Presse, which is handy for the smokers because the bars are all closed. They don’t sell postage stamps. They redirected me to La Poste, which is around the corner, and closed.
Yes, I xan pay my domestic bills online. Some of my suppliers want cheques, though. I don’t think we need to enter into a debate regarding whether we should all be 100% internet dependent. That one could run and run…
The fun I just had trying to pay cash and cheques into our company account. Our bank is only open to customers fir urgent appointments. I was instructed to put the cash into an envelope and put it through the letterbox.
Meantime, I will explore the online purchase of one stamp. Maybe they can post it to me? At the moment, I cannot access the la Poste web site, it has vecome non-responsive. Perhaps a few on here are busy printing there stamps😆

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It’s not a joke! They will post stamps to you if you can’t print tickets.

I signed up with La Poste to buy stamps etc via their online shop and the goods are then delivered by them.
You have to top up your account before buying so yesterday I paid in 30 euros and received an email confirmation that my account was in credit
I have followed the online instructions to the letter to place my first order and after advising the delivery address the site freezes and wont progress any further. I have tried every which way but no joy.
I thought I was doing the right thing by staying at home but still might have to venture out to post my tax papers to my accountant.
Hay Ho

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Do you have a scanner? We send everything to accountant electronically by WeTransfer…

Yes @JaneJones, and that is exactly what we do too.
However, there are still occasions that I want to send something by post :wink:

It’s very easy to print stamps (rather than buying preprinted ones) : https://www.laposte.fr/mon-timbre-en-ligne

You don’t need special paper to print stamps bought on LaPoste website, standard A4 paper stock is fine.

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When you read the terms and conditions and ticked the box to accept you would have realised that there are heavy penalties for re-printing or re-using home printed stamps. Don’t try it, you’ll lose a lot of bottles of wine.

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