Where to buy Weetabix?

Apologies as I’m sure this has been asked before, in fact I think I’ve read the post but can’t find it now.
I’m struggling to find Weetabix, any ideas?
So far I’ve tried:
Giant (where I used to get it but they don’t seem to stock it anymore)

The “local” (i.e. when in France) to us Super U normally has (had?) it.

depends locally, I’ve found them in both Intermarché and Géant but depends on the branch, sometimes they group together international foods :wink:


Our local Leclerc has it, but it is quite a big store so carries a wide selection of most products.

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yep pretty amazing now, years ago I couldn’t even get fresh milk in the big supermarkets!


Bought 5 boxes from Intermarche this week and still left some boxes on the shelf for other weetabix lovers. Box emblazoned with text in French Dutch and German so definitely liked by many.

Already stuck in a lorry on the Kent border?

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Or perhaps bought up by UK panic buyers at thought of more lockdowns?

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We get ours @:wink: at LeClerc. What we have found is the chocolate version has been unavailable now for quite some time but the mini’s are available in new fancy packaging.

Thanks everyone :grinning:

Auchan in 24, in the normal cereal section, not the Brit one.

I like Weetabix but hate the way it sucks up all the milk before you get half way through. Prefer Shredded Wheat, but what a mess it makes all over the worktop.

Personally, I need a cereal which makes me less grumpy. :rage:


Tried Cheerios?:grin:


No, what are they like? Apart from the occasional Weetabix and Quaker Oats I tend to avoid the main cereal section, seems to be all choccy bits for the kids to my swift glance.

But it does have a Kelloggs product close to the old Puffed Wheat which I lusted after for ages, but it tends to leave little bits stuck between the teeth. ;-(

And whatever happened to Grape Nuts? I have googled them with success but haven’t found them for years. Maybe just in the USA now, do you think if we asked Donald nicely… :roll_eyes:

Works great as a replacement for cement though… if you can prise it off the bowl, that is.

Sadly for me, our local Carrefour and Leclerc supermarkets are quite poor when it comes to getting hold of British food. I really miss custard creams and McVitie’s Digestive biscuits. Luckily we go to Limoges quite regularly to see my OH’s family and their selection is much better.

Recently I’ve seen there’s a B&M in Bordeaux so am planning a trip the next time I’m in the city. :slight_smile:

Yes, good cement, I always wash my eating things immediately afterwards with a stiff brush and running red hot water, no soapy liquid, but the Weetabix bowl does need extra elbow grease nonetheless.

Our local small Auchan does have Digestives (exactly the same but no longer under the McVitie name) but we have never got the half chocolate covered ones. Happily there is a French alternative ‘Sable Choc Noir Auchan’, which is very very good. :wink:

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Haven’t got a clue, they don’t sound grumpy though😂

Intermarché in Fayence sells a number of British products and in the British freezer, real U.K. sausages (Lincolnshire or Cumbrian) and bacon,
Sauces, Marmite, HP sauce - in fact all the things we shouldn’t eat but at 80 years old should I care? No! Martin

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Is your name Christopher or Martin?


I can usually find Weetabix in our local Carrefour, Intermarche and Leclerc stores. It no doubt depends (to some degree) upon the number of foreigners residing locally.

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Yup - as @Graham_Lees has asked - are you Christopher or Martin?

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