Where to from France

Hello all

If you had to move from France, where would you move to?

Certainly not back to one crowded island that shall remain nameless. Maybe Canada’s west coast.


I suspect the question is linked to the name of this forum. Both very negative. I’m here because I want to be here. I’m not a survivor living here as a last resort. I made my choice and have never regretted it.

Gus Morris


Think Canada is a good possibility. There are lots on here complaining about France so just wondered where anyone would go that’s all.

Survive… is a bit tongue in cheek, really… :wink:
If you scan the forum… you’ll see that we regulars try to help those who have queries or might be struggling… as they seek to get settled in this country.

Integration can enable one to enjoy French life to the full… it’s something to aim for… not everyone has that capability.


I am on the same page as you. Gus with regards to the name of the forum; could be construed as negative. Survival would mean to lots as the base status. I didn’t mean people are living here as a last resort as we certainly do not, nor others, it was a choice. We would prefer to stay but are just starting to wonder if it is the place to be. We would prefer to be here! However…

I think I first heard of this forum from an estate agent back in 2003 or 4 (is that possible?) Initially, I thought like you, the name of the forum does at first glance seem to be a “survivors guide” to living in France, and indeed in many ways it is. But in a positive way and I can assure it’s populated with people who love living here and are here by choice, not under sufferance🙂


Perhaps you could point me to that.

good grief… this could become a pantomime… :rofl: :rofl:

oh no it isn’t…
oh yes it is…

to answer the title… i immediately thought of corsica… but… silly me… that’s still france… but i love that island… lovely folk, food, countryside… just like here in fact.
think i’ll stay put.


Nah, not with Fidel’s boy turning the place into a police state.

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Yes, people do enjoy living here that is for sure. But do they love living here because they can work on the black, not pay tax, take advantage of the health service … or really seriously enjoy living the FRENCH way of life and integrating? It is a different thing.

We have seen many changes over a couple of decades. Not all is good. Although having said that not all is bad.

However, seeing notices in English in our local hospital to say that you have to have a CV or proof of payment before treatment kind of says it all. We have also met many others who do not pay taxes in France nor health contributions, believing they will be treated., keeping their ‘fake’ addresses ‘back home’ and bank accounts under these.

This is not aimed at Brits just at everyone who cheats. Our French friends are upset and very anti this kind of behaviour and we agree. They are becoming more and more nationalist because of this behaviour and it is very sad.

Add this to the other changes which are ongoing in France, I think it would be interesting to hear where people would go if they decided to move their home


For those who may not know it… I’ve been told that English is the official other language… so signs in English are not picking on the Brits, but all non-French speakers.

Certainly, I get called-in to translate for many different nationalities…

incidentally… our local xray dept had a warning sign in French… years and years ago… that folk must pay the excess on the spot, regardless of mutuelle… it was their way of book-keeping… not being nasty.

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Hey Stella, was this the case 16 years ago as that was the first time I saw that notice and since then I have noticed that there are notices all over the place. I agree, not picking on the Brits, more likely the most common language that those who do not speak French are likely to speak. However, is it an indication that people are not paying for French health services?

I hope not. I don’t know anybody doing the above, but I don’t know many, maybe one or two, Brits here. I can well understand why French people would find such behaviour unacceptable. As a French tax payer I also find it unacceptable and wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone off if I thought there were flying under the radar. If Brexit flushes these spongers out then perhaps that’s the first positive thing I’ve heard about it😂


easily 20 years ago… and I took the notice to be warning folk to have the necessary with them… and not to waste folk’s time.

likewise, have to show id to have outpatient treatment… notices all over the place saying… don’t forget passport… it’s just to keep things on the straight path.

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Over nearly two decades we have met far too many who are doing this. Perhaps people who arrived more recently are doing the right thing, I do not know.

Delighted to hear John_Scully that you are doing the right thing as we are. Many French are upset by what has gone on and rightly so. We find it unacceptable too Brexit aside. It should never have happened but it has. What a shame in some parts of France we are known as taking advantage of the health services and the state. Even more shocking that most of those doing it complain of the immigrants in UK doing the same !!!

I have lived here for 23 years, worked here driving all over this land and adjoining countries too, then doing the same as a volunteer, and I have never, ever come into contact with a Briton, playing the system on the the black.

But to answer the question, I have 2 answers, Portugal, and Australia. The first because I like the idea and the second because I lived there many years ago in the '60s and took a holiday back home to England, met a lady who became my wife (not this one :wink:) but the application to become £10 Poms failed because she had 3 children by her first husband who could not be found to give consent.

We don"t encounter any British (apart from here) but know plenty of French people on the fiddle in one way or another.

To me living somewhere happily is very much dependent on the effort you put in, and one’s attitude. I can’t think of a single country that doesn’t have some major negatives.

Iceland seems ok if one has money. In fact all the nordic countries appeal and I could probably be equally happy on an island in the swedish archipelago.

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Since I don’t live in France FT, and possibly never will, this may not apply to me. However I’d certainly consider Italy, particularly the Marche or Abruzzo regions where one might ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon. However I suspect the Italian approach to rules might well be very hard to handle for any who embrace beaurocracy like an old friend.

Otherwise Canada was mentioned. The sides are temperate and the landscape beautiful, however the middle can suffer extremes of temperature and extremes of infestation with mosquitos capable of biting through clothing. The place has felt to me like a happy half-way house between Europe and USA if you can cope with the weather and some aspects of the food.

Italy is a good choice but you are right ‘rules’ could be an issue :smile:

I think Canada was mentioned and is certainly worth serious consideration. Extremes of temperature aside, the place left me feeling so very well when we spent time there. We felt the same, a happy mix and blend. Food can be good if you are in an area which has lots of French.

Having experienced living in eastern Europe countries I defo would not have them on my list. Even though my father was Hungarian (or maybe because of what he told me?)

We were even thinking about Patagonia???