Where to get secondhand items?

Hi all. Can anyone tell me the best way to get hold of secondhand items in France? I’m mainly looking for furniture and baby equipment/toys. Can’t seem to find any charity
Shops in my area (Cahors 46000). I had a potentially bad scam experience using FB marketplace when I was in the UK so would rather not use it if there are alternatives.

Le Bon Coin is usually good for this kind of thing.


and Troc for achat vente d’occasion


Secours Populaire, Croix Rouge, Emmaüs and if there is a recyclerie where you live, are all possibilities.


Hello. I’m new here, just moved to the Loire. My better half is an absolute expert at this so here is how she does it:-

  1. labelemmaus. It’s an on-line marketplace for hundreds of charity shops scattered all over. She has found some real bargains. For example a virtually brand new set of curtains (BIG ones) 29 Euros. A really nice, solid chair with arms and tapestry covering 20 Euros!
  2. Farcebook. I don’t use it myself but she has found some great buys on it. Very unreliable people but that’s something you need to put up with.
  3. Vide greniers. They run all the time, all over. Mostly dreadful junk but every so often you can pickup something amazing for pennies.

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also look for Depot-Vente (trocs) where folk leave stuff to be sold… always fun checking such places…

ask neighbours, they’re bound to have some ideas…

best of luck

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Hi and welcome! I would second le bon coin. We arrived with a nearly newborn and I got everything from there for the nursery. I also have a ton of stuff that needs to get listed in the barn :rofl: . House stuff was the same, everything sourced on there. It helped, for example, that I knew I wanted IKEA Ektorp sofas so was able to do a direct search. It is great for your French too! We had a few non communicative people and once we were a good 1/2 hour down the road for a lawnmower when I messaged with our ETA ( he knew we were on the way) and he said he’d already sold it! However we’ve probably made 100 purchases so not bad! Let me know if you have any questions :grinning:


Leboncoin, is great. Local trocs as well. Do you have a resourcerie. There are several about. All dirt cheap.

Thank you everyone for all your useful suggestions :hugs:


Hi Stella. I have been on here on several occasions - mainly to do with issues relating to the purchase of our French property (still ongoing :roll_eyes:). Trying to block out the problems and move forward at the minute :woozy_face:

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Emmaus used to be in Cahors near the old Point P (left hand side, halfway down towards PointP on the right) just off the main roundabout where McDonald’s is. But the area seems to have been redeveloped. If Emmaus is still somewhere in Cahors would be perfect

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Here’s the address!

And the secours pop

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Stella is correct re Emmaus they are now located on the ENGLANDERS industrial estate, after you leave Cahors on the D811 road direction Espare, agen, between 1/2km before you get to the speed camera, enter the estate they are on the left.
The next best is Troc de Lille at Montauban . if you use the old road to Mantauban it is on the right when you come to the first roundabout with the motorway on your left.
There is a number of Second hand shops in Prayssac , one near Bricomarche, Darty.
Another in Castelfranc on the left as you travel from Cahors to Prayssac

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Great information from everyone - thank you so much :blush::blush:

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Emmaus is a charity and the one in Pau is excellent. I believe there is one in Cahors.


Bonjour et Bienvenue Mr and Mrs JohnBot. Where on the Loire? I live in Amboise.

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