Which category to choose for vet visit

Can you please give me a pointer which category to tick on the TousCovid app?
I need to take the cat to our vet for a check up required by Charente Prefecture.
Cops are active in our area and I simply don’t know if it is a shopping trip, outing with a pet (only allowed within 1km) or a ‘government’ issue.

The one that says “soin” - I think it’s the third one down. And just write vétérinaire after the typed description.

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Yes I agree, it’s consultations et soins which can’t be done at a distance. You are supposed to have booked an appointment, in case they wish to check (unlikely!).

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Thanks for your help

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Thanks for your help, yes have booked an appointment, can show the email conversation with the vets and the demand from the prefecture if needed.

Just out of curiosity why has the prefecture asked for a cat check??? I’m sure the prefecture doesn’t even know I have a cat :rofl: :rofl:


I purchased a kitten in Germany. Fell foul of import regs. by not registering the cat within 2 days of importation. The Prefecture accused me of bringing in an unvaccinated cat with a fake passport. Fines up to 300.000 Euro, Prison etc. Cat now in quarantine at home with monthly checks by the vet and re vaccination for rabies in the new year.
I have an EU pet passport, he was vaccinated by the breeder, but I was not aware of the 48hr max before registering an imported animal.

Oh you poor thing! I hope it all works out!

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We are OK, since he cannot go out unsupervised I have now trained him to walk on a lead. Just looks a bit odd when I stand next to a tree waiting for him to come down again.
But he is driving the old boy nuts - we have a Scottish rescue cat (17yrs old) who just wants a nice place in the sunny spot on the sofa…
Mickey is just too energetic for him - literally climbing the walls. I found him on top of the door one morning - waiting to ambush me.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I didn’t know that about bringing in pets! I imagine there’s an awful lot of new immigrant dogs and cats right now!

Edit: just looked this up and there appears to ne no need to register a pet coming from within EU??

Vous connaissez les conditions d’échange intra-communautaire vu que votre cabinet réalise les examens cliniques de l’association CATS de Mme MOSS.
Vous savez que l’association passe par nous pour contresigner les documents sanitaires que vous faites.
Donc, quand un animal arrive sur le territoire français nous contrôlons également les conditions sanitaires ainsi que les documents afférents à sa traçabilité.
La réglementation prévoit:

  • avoir fait réaliser un examen clinique dans les 48 heures qui précédent l’heure d’expédition des animaux, par un vétérinaire habilité par l’autorité compétente. Cette visite est consignée par le vétérinaire dans le passeport pour animal de compagnie, à la rubrique « Examen clinique »,
  • faire établir et voyager avec une certification officielle délivrée par les autorités vétérinaires du pays de provenance (certificat TRACES).

Vous pouvez également lui donner les sanctions qui sont applicables en cas de non-conformité:
Lorsque les conditions sanitaires susvisées ne sont pas respectées, en application des articles L.236-9 et L.236-10 du code rural et de la pêche maritime, les agents chargés des contrôles peuvent prescrire, aux frais du propriétaire, la réexpédition de l’animal vers le pays d’origine, sa mise en quarantaine ou son euthanasie. Le fait, par inobservation des règlements, de faire naître ou de contribuer à répandre involontairement une épizootie chez les vertébrés domestiques ou sauvages, est puni d’une amende de 300 000 euros et d’un emprisonnement de deux ans.
Par ailleurs, si l’inobservation des prescriptions édictées en application de l’article L.236-9 ont entraîné des atteintes graves pour la santé humaine ou animale, les peines sont portées à cinq ans d’emprisonnement et 600 000 euros d’amende. Des peines complémentaires concernant les personnes physiques ou morales sont également prévues.

Si elle ne peut fournir les éléments demandés, elle devra se conformer aux mesures prescrites par l’arrêté préfectoral.
there are 5 pages of Euro directives regarding the importation of animals into France, even when from the EU…
Would you like them all? I have still not figured out where I went wrong…

There are situations that just don’t fit the regulations of course.
Our son is doing a training course we have to take him to - no problem normally as it’s only a 10 minute drive, and of course we have a permanent justificatif de deplacement for this; one session per week, however, is further away - about 45 minutes drive - but the session is only 2-3 hours long. Normally we take him, then go for a walk, do some shopping, have a coffee, etc - but of course we’re not really supposed to do these things at the moment.

soon over - waiting for Mr. Macrons speech on deconfinement. Must say our cops have been quite good. We live on the boundary of 3 departments. Shopping doing the normal round is a minefield of regulations as there are no shops in our hamlet. Where do I go?
Nearest 5km, another department, next big town within department is 20km…, but so is my favourite town for shopping, but yet in another department.

Where does it say we can’t move between departments?

Last lockdown was ‘no movement between departments’. Then deconfinement was, movement between departments and up to 100km from your home…
Pretty sure it was the same this time around. Still trying to get to grips - our French language skills are not the finest.

Yes, in the 29th October rules on confinement it says no change of department…and I think tonight he said region.

Still bemused about your cat! Did it come with you or was it a commercial import perhaps?

This is the first thing that comes up on a search which has none of the stuff you have been subjected to!

I purchased the cat in Germany during the first lockdown. Basically saw him growing up online. Normally the breeder lets a kitten go when 14weeks old with all vaccinations. Due to lockdown I could not pick him up until end of June. Drove 1000km to see my mother, pick up the cat and return 1000km.
Took him too the vet weeks later to register and get the chip onto ICAD system. From then I had nothing but trouble with the prefecture.
Almost over, one more vet check, 3 months of home quarantine and another rabies shot. Walk in the park compared to bringing a cat from America to the UK in the 90s…

Well glad I didn’t know that when I took our Airedale across from Lot-et-Garonne to Bordeaux to see the vet who does acupuncture - it’s what’s helping keep her alive.

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We sneak across to other departments all the time. No choice really as we are in a corner of 3 departments within just a few km…

Cops have some discretion to hand out fines…

Read a story about a man being checked after midnight… he was waiting for someone to beat up. Had filled out his declaration for being out, but it was deemed not a valid reasson. Hence a fine of 135 Euros.