Which dishwasher rating - help please

Help needed, please.

I am replacing a 40 year old 45cm freestanding Zanussi dishwasher, which has done sterling service but finally given up.

It seems to be a minefield.
I want a DW which gives me best value for money pricewise and running costs.
No, I don’t need it to dry… or to be connected to my mobile…

I’m looking at Bosch… which is OH’s preferred manufacturer these days.
Please can someone explain these new Energy Ratings… since I note that what was until this year classed as A+ is now G… aaargh.

Buy a Miele if you can stretch to it - I like having the top cutlery tray.

We recently bought a Bosch from Ubaldi - it also has a top cutlery tray, originally this was going to go into our gite but we replaced it with one from IKEA as they come with a 5 year warranty.

The Bosch one I have now temporarily installed in the barn by our kitchen but it will be incorporated into our kitchen after Xmas.

As we are now using the Bosch one I would have preferred we bought a Miele as it wasn’t much more but too late now.

This is the Bosch one we have:

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I’m sad that Zanussi is no longer the appliance of science… we brought MiLaw’s slimline Zanussi machine with us, as our larger Zanussi finally gave up just before the Move…

Our old one didn’t owe us anything… that had been used non-stop for 30 years…

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True, now just a cheap pile same as the other cheap brands, hoover, hotpoint yada yada.
The proof is look around the back, same wiring connections and layout, always a giveaway

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Sadly manufacturers can concentrate on energy efficiency and not have to pass any “is it any good” test.
So you breed compliance machines.

A snippet from a review report carried out by Que Choisir (similar to Which in the UK) in August. Hope it helps…


I just need one which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg… and does a quick 40c/45c wash…

but I would like it to be as good for the environment as possible… however, in the light of COP26 results, I am prepared to lower my standards… ( simply following their example).

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Just taken a look at Miele and, quite frankly, they are out of our price range… but thanks for the info.

If I didn’t have a duff hand, I could carry on washing up by hand… but we’ve had several breakages these last few weeks and OH is getting worried that we’ll run out of glasses… :rofl: some of the china now sports a few chips, but we can live with that… :roll_eyes:
and the kettle is fed up with being almost permanently ON…

Now that would be a REAL disaster :rofl:


The choice is to buy one of the many offerings that are more affordable or to buy something like a Miele which costs more but should be better engineered and last longer. We have often bought Miele white goods with long free warranties. I love the way the components are reassuringly heavy and sturdy.

yes, it’s a balancing act… finding something to fit the pocket and last a reasonable time.
Why on earth do some machines only have 1 year warranty…???

Seriously thinking of asking a technician to look at our 40 year old machine.
It pumps in and it pumps out… but it won’t send the water up and around the dishes, so something’s on the blink.

It worked perfectly until OH switched it off and moved it out of the way while he redid some flooring. Not being used, perhaps it thought it was time to retire… how I wish he’d never shifted it… aargh.

I’m an over 40 year old dishwashing machine, still going strong…would like to retire but am told my warranty is good for a few years yet…


Either a solenoid valve or moving it has shaken something free and its blocking something most likely. Deffo have it looked at. Not as if the main boards failed or a motor.

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I am biased and over the years have had a few different makes but now settle for Bosch. The most frequently used programme is a 55min 60 degree wash. It has a half full wash , super hygeine wash and an eco wash for less water and electricity and a few other options. It also has a maintenance programme, though what that does when it,s used I have no idea. Plus your top cutlery tray.

Hi David… which model do you have… ??

Mine is Bosch, I’m happy with it. My parents have Miele everything which have lasted for years but they don’t work their machines as hard as I do.

I have found this website useful.

Bosch all the way.